The Level Up Movement Keeps Women Stuck In Their Trauma

by | Confidence & Self-Love

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, Ignorance may deride it, but at the end there it is. ~ Winston Churchill
I love the Level-Up movement. There are some amazing ladies leading it.  They live in their authenticity.  But most of their followers don’t see the deeper truth about their leaders.  The women like SheRa1 on Youtube, aren’t just giving you information that they are regurgitating.  She is really walking in her PURPOSE and delivering what her soul is called to teach.
I watched her on Facebook for years dropping knowledge, and I used to be like “Sis, you should get paid for your info.” She’s a master.

But most people take the advice of women like SheRa without really looking at her deeper truth.  Women who are connected to their soul and their purpose magically attract the things they want  out of life.

Women think their problem is simply getting a high value provider man.  They don’t realize that’s only one part of the problem.

The real problem lies deep down in the soul, and when you’re single, and not getting what you want, it’s all your fault. Getting a provider man is simply a patch.  It’s not actual healing.
Scripture says: Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
The truth that I had to come to truths with is that I wasn’t in charge of my destiny. I was letting a storyline run me. I attracted millionaires and men who provided for me, and guess what? Some of my same behaviors came up.  I had to really look deep into myself.   Now here is the thing.  It’s not that I had a problem getting a husband. It’s not that I couldn’t keep a man.   I could’ve gotten away with those things.  But my desire to be the woman God called me to be wouldn’t let me stop there.  I pushed further to truly see my WHY I was behaving in certain ways and WHY I was getting the responses and reactions from people.  I’ve always understood why I get love from so many people.  That’s easy. I am the purest love most people have ever met.
But  I also have darkness and a shadow that I was allowing to control my life.  I had to enlist the help of some very brilliant people to fix this.   I had to get people who were on my frequency and cared about me enough to understand me deeply, and have patience with me.  I had to put myself around people who saw me outside of having 500.000 followers, being a beautiful woman or even for being smart.   My mentors not only saw my heart, but they saw my vision.
Meanwhile I love Facebook. It’s been one of my greatest teachers on human behavior.
Every day I see single people make excuses to why they are single. I see people in miserable marriages, trying to make it work, and I see people who believe in the mate they married, and take self-accountability to figure out what’s going wrong, and they too hire divine help.
But back to most singles.  Most singles make EXCUSES as to why they haven’t met their sacred soulmate. They really believe it’s other people’s fault.  It’s so easy to believe that we are perfect and better than others, in order to make ourselves feel better. It hurts to see how you cause your own pain and your own hurt. It’s embarrassing. 
You don’t have a husband because you don’t want one.

You don’t have a wife because you don’t want one. 

Simple as that. When you really want something you do what it takes. 

I am filled with relationship knowledge.  I felt like I knew it all. Yet getting help taught me that I didn’t know ENOUGH. I knew enough to help my female clients heal and get a man who provided. I knew how to teach them how to attract high value mates who made loads of money and would spend it on them. I taught them how to consciously communicate.  I’ve taught my male clients how to attract Queens.  See I knew enough to help everyone else. But I didn’t know enough to help myself at the level I needed help.

Now that I am healed of my wounds, I see the insanity that most people are going to go through for the rest of their lives.

You know why? Because people invest their money in business coaching, clothes, shoes, watches, material items and even self-help materials.  But they don’t invest money in their spirit and their soul.

Spiritual life coaches are divine for a reason. It’s the amount of work they’ve done on themselves to transcend human suffering and to stop blaming others.  The amount of work on self that spiritual coaches do, even though many have true divine gifting, it’s something the average human would never do.

Most people are simply running around being duplicates of other people they see. They don’t know how to truly be themselves.  WHY? Because they are lead by the desire for money, influence, popularity and fame.

Most Spiritual life coaches have already made 6 figures or more.  They quickly learn how that’s not enough to truly be fulfilled. That was also my experience. After creating multiple 6-7 figure blogs, I saw life differently. I saw how I was out of alignment with pure joy.  I thought some of it was my fault and some was other people’s fault.

That’s how most humans think.  You see men complain about women, because they don’t realize THEY are in control of their lives.
Women complain about men and state their reasons for being single, not knowing it’s TRULY all her fault.
You see wherever you go, there will your problem be.
See some of you, you’re never going to accept any less than your soul desires. You must develop a sense of urgency to live the life of your dreams and manifest your greatness..
You walk around feeling like you have forever to find love. Because society told you not to be desperate. They told you that it would just fall into your lap. They told you it’s okay to work hard, and that love would then pop up.
What you forgot is that society is BASIC. They share basic thoughts, and because there’s more of them than you, you listened.
Even more, it’s hard to receive the truth that it’s all you.
Your soul requires a mate that inspires great change in you.
Women are all over the internet running after the level up movement. Everyone wants to be a relationship coach. Everyone wants to give out relationships advice.
Everyone wants to teach you how to be feminine. I personally don’t teach femininity, because that is not my speciality. The women who are deeply feminine act a certain way. It can’t be faked. 
What I teach is to balance both your feminine and your masculine through soul growth.
I am amazed at the opportunities that come to me and the people I’ve been able to attract. I don’t even need to network. I am a network.
I don’t need to compete, because I am the brightest light they see.
I get people to want to be like me, not because I say I have millions of dollars, but simply because I am me. 

But people watch me and think it’s all outside of me.

Then you have the people who work with me. They just get IT, that there is an IT FACTOR present. I teach them how to develop their own IT factor, by aligning with their soul. I show them how to manifest the life they want.

To truly teach people how to live the life of their dreams, you must first be in alignment with yours.  You’re only going to accomplish this when you are hungry.  Hungry to get close to God. Hungry to further your spirit, and hungry for things outside of money.
See to teach others something you must truly want and do the work to become your highest self.
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