How To Win, Influence & Make Money On Social Media

by | Business

The best thing I’ve done this year on social media was stop answering my inbox. I almost can’t believe that I was keeping all of that up.

For future reference here are a few tips to help you in business.

1. Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing. People will be doing all kinds of things that work for them. You yearning to have what they have doesn’t help you. You being in alignment with your true path will help you enjoy life and manifest your dream life faster. If you want to move faster and get clarity, get a Soul Alignment Session from a Prophetess, Prophet or divine soul.

2. Don’t inbox people with HI. HOW ARE YOU? Highly intelligent people prefer highly intelligent individuals who know better. It’s best to be AUTHENTIC in conversation. People do get tired of everything always being about business.

3. Before you inbox people check their social medias. Don’t inbox Oprah asking her if she wants to make her first 6 figures.

4. Put out great strategized content. It will attract people who want to buy.

5. Facebook stats are awesome and fun. But unless you’re trying to be an INFLUENCER, there is another way to go. Creating a SYSTEM for consistent income is the way to go.

6. Showing up every day is actually NOT the way you HAVE to go. Having a strategy to bring in consistent leads is the way to go. Targeted content brings in consistent leads and separates the free seekers from the people who are ready to invest and dive in.

7. People are entranced by the mirage and cramp together by the mirage, while the true doorway to freedom is right next to them. Don’t go the way everyone else goes. Go the other way.

8. Set a goal for your social media interactions. Do you wants sales, influence, attention, or do you want all of that?

9. Selling is really important. Your family depends on you for stability. Now is a great time to explore creating multiple sources of income.

10. Despite everything that’s going on right now, people are still buying. FOCUS. Yes you could take a break right now, you don’t have to push. But now is the best time to push. You can take a break later.

11. BONUS BRANDING TIP: Use the same handle for all of your social media. No one ever has to ask me.. It’s @KissyDenise everywhere. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND.

12. Figure out which social media network your audience is on. I was highly focused on Facebook, but lately a lot of my sales come from Instagram, a platform I formerly ignored.

13. Speak your audience’s language. When targeting it’s important to speak their vernacular. If you’re like me and have multiple audiences, just DO YOU.

14. Make it easy for people to buy from you by selling more stuff and creating more offers. Add payment options.