Lets Talk About The Lie Called “It Takes 2 Incomes These Days”

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I saw a post on Facebook today of a King stating that he took pride in being a provider for his woman.

I intentionally went looking through the comments just so that I could find the typical comment. In fact I knew I would find the typical comment. You know the one that says “That’s unrealistic. We need two incomes these days.”

Of course I found it.

I enjoyed seeing another King step in to shed light on the correct mindset.

Then I went looking for the typical comment from a female. The one that says she just has to be in a 50/50 relationship. Of course I found it.

I went to Ebony’s profile and her introduction was no surprise.

It’s the description of a stereotypical, single, black woman. You don’t actually have to be strong. You don’t have to do it by yourself. You actually get to get help.

I’m not shading her or anyone else. To each it’s own. This post is for people who really want to find their way into the light.

I also don’t want to make this a black thing, because all races have this particular issue. The issue of women not understanding divine feminine energy and men not understand divine masculine energy. And most importantly, people living in a limited mindset instead of practicing the Law of Abundance.

Many relationships are not working out these days because the people in the relationship carry an unbalanced energetic frequency. While 50/50 may have worked for Ebony’s parents that typically does not work for most relationships. Most relationships fall apart.  Here is why.

A woman is created to receive. A man is created to give. He is to protect and provide.  He is supposed to cover his woman.

In return for providing, a woman is supposed to serve her husband as a King.  Most women these days are too busy surviving to be in feminine energy.  She’s busy working just as hard as a man, therefore she really doesn’t have much respect for him.  Men want a woman to feel sexy for him and want to have sex with him all the time. But chances are, she’s too tired from work.  She works so hard that she doesn’t even understand feminine energy.  Therefore there is a decrease in feminine energy. Most men have never even met a super feminine woman. They don’t even know what to do with one.  Even more, men work so hard. He’s expected to be so tough in this world. He literally needs a feminine, nurturing woman to come home to.

Now another thing is that, I don’t write my blog for people who are okay with being average. I write for people who really want to figure this life thing out. When I write most times I’m thinking of Kings & Queens. I’m writing for the Gods & The Goddesses. I’m writing for a different realm.

In this realm we all simply want to live a happy, pleasurable, opulent, successful, healthy life, and be the best mates we can be. We’re all about excelling in every area of life.  The women work on their femininity  and healing just as much as we work on creating soul-businesses. The men work on becoming better men, making more money and balancing their feminine and masculine.  It’s a realm where people put in mass amounts of effort. They are go getters.

Meanwhile we watch the rest of the world living in chaos and dysfunction. And the minute one of us steps up to say “Hey. That’s not the way this goes. ” We get attacked. People get upset. They resent the truth. The lies feel so much better.

This bothers me. I want men to know that if you really want to provide for your woman you are capable of doing so. All you have to do is learn how to tap into abundance.  Once you do that you now have the tools to be the King you were called to be.

But instead men want to  keep listening to their 50/50 friends or listening to these angry, demotivational, basic bishes with no feminine energy. Neither will never get the life they desire. They will continue to go around unhappy, while pretending they have everything they want, and being angry cause they really don’t.   Life doesn’t work the way unspiritual people that that it does.

As a woman I can literally take care of a household of 4 men if I wanted to and keep the whole house living in luxury. I know this because I’ve done it before. If you as a man can’t ball out on your woman, you’re half stepping, half sleep,  and have no understanding of who you are.

Listening to people who agree with your non-evolving mindset will keep you stuck, or going in circles. They do not serve you.  Those beliefs are not for your highest good.

Sometimes people comment that men like me because I’m physically popping. That’s another story of jealous women thinking if they throw on a wig, some make-up and some clothes that they will get my same results. People seem to completely miss the amount of studying and brain work high performers do. They miss the spiritual work that it takes to produce a Goddess.  People miss these things because they are not on their own self-help journey. They aren’t out here waking up souls, nor are they teaching others how to manifest abundance or obtain a wealthy lifestyle.  They do not walk in their purpose like us spiritual entrepreneurs do.

People look up at successful people and rarely ever take into account the path it takes to get there. It’s our mindset and our belief system. It’s the amount of work we put into our self-development.  People make all of the excuses in the world as to why they are not successful, but I can’t hear them, because I fell flat a few times and got back up each time. I had hurdle after hurdle to jump. My whole life is a miracle, because I kept going.  Anyone can change their belief system. Anyone can live in abundance. But most simply aren’t willing to do the extensive amount of mental work it takes.  People even believe that working hard will make them rich. I laugh cause Lord knows I tried that route. I maxed out at $350K.  I make money way easier now with way less work. What I do now doesn’t even feel like work. Life coaching after you get a system going is like a fun gig you get to do every day. You get to not only change people’s lives, but you get to take part in their growth and show them a new way.

I used to be pretty religious. I talked about God a lot. I still do. But now I know more truths about God. Now I understand his promises to us more deeply. He definitely promised us riches.

People don’t realize that money is only energy.  It’s completely spiritual.

As a man, you can not seek to be a King and walk around in fear. Fear is such a waste of time. It’s not even real. It’s just societal programming that stops you from accomplishing your dreams.

I noticed a lot of boss chicks are single these days. They realize that 50/50 doesn’t work. Some even tried to provide for men and still that didn’t go right. So they chill.  Some don’t realize the problem is that they are not operating in divine feminine and some do realize it and work to raise their feminine energy.

Women want a highly successful man who spoils them. Most of the women who say they don’t honestly speak from their own belief system. Deep down they don’t believe that a man would ever provide for them. They also believe that their self-worth is attached to money and how much money they can offer a man… How much she can prove her value by going half.  Most women have no idea what a masculine man truly needs from her.  He needs a soft, sweet and sexy woman.  Even more so many women these days try to bash looking good. People bash anything that takes actual work.  They actually believe that putting in less effort as a woman makes them a better woman.  Then she wonders why she can’t get or keep a man.  Meanwhile a badd chick can get married anytime she pleases.  A boss chick 9/10 is looking for a successful, super smart man. Her brain tends to run circles around average men.

And men want to say that they love a woman but at the same time they don’t want to see her live her best life. That is not love.  When a man truly loves a woman he wants to cover her.  But most men are soooooo stuck on money, and wanting a woman with low expectations.

If you seek to be a divine King, you must stop  listening to the people who pacify you. Stop listening to people who tell you that you can’t do it. Stop listening to the people who tell you it takes two incomes. They are programming you with FEAR and DOUBT. Stop listening to anyone who doesn’t have a wealth, take care of your woman mindset. The people who know the way, also know the way to go is already written in the bible. They walk in FAITH.

The truth is you truly can do anything you set your mind to. You gotta want more for your life and go after it. There are no limits in life, except in your mind.

I see many black men concentrate on a diagram like this and fall into the belief system that dressing like a bum is going to make you rich like Bill Gates.

Meanwhile you miss the picture of the man who is dressed polished in a suit, living his best life and providing for his woman.

Rich Man couple

Success isn’t surface and neither is money. It’s spiritual. You can afford anything you want. All you have to do is figure out how to attract that amount of money to you. Then believe that you can do it.

2020 is right around the corner. Are you going to walk into a new decade with the same old belief system?  Remember the only thing that’s constant is CHANGE. And “THINKING is the hardest work there is, that’s why so few engage in it. ~ Henry Ford

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