Would you believe me if I told you that half of the reason you haven’t been able to move past the 6 Figure mark is because you’re single?   It’s 3:33 at the moment of me typing this.

Chances are you want a relationship, you’re ready for a relationship and desire PEACE inside of your relationship. Because you believe you haven’t found anyone who can give you this peace, you have chosen to remain single.

Let’s get clear on three things:

What does PEACE look like inside of your relationship?

What does PEACE look like to your potential partner?

Are you patterns matching up to your desire?

Why do you need to do this work? Because darling, you are not like everyone else.  You are meant to be in a union of LOVE. It’s how you function best.

So let’s get to the root of WHY you don’t have love. The main reason is because you’ve been operating out of  fear.

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