🔮 Dear strong woman, men are not intimidated by you. They actually love you. They want to protect you, provide for you, and make sure all of your dreams come true. 🔮

🌺 He misses your feminine essence. 💄

He craves you. He wishes you would show up in all of your divine femininity. He’s looking for you. He wants you to make his heart beat again. He has everything you need. He’s already conquered the world of money and business. He most definitely doesn’t need you for that. He needs you to soften the blows of life and be his muse. To make life a little easier for him, by coming home to you. 🌸

He appreciates your wholeness, integrity and brilliance. For it’s only a reflection of him. He has no desire for you to be weak. He likes you strong. But can you submit to his power and let him guide you? He often tells his friends about his never-ending search for you. He’s powerful, but in pain… because he’s missing you. ❤️

He wants you to love him, nurture him and remove his doubts. He needs you to be his rock and his source of divine inspiration. Why would he be intimidated by that? In fact darling, he finds you quite irresistible. He can’t get enough of you and can’t wait to come home to you. For you are something he’s never met. 

But do you feel worthy of him? Do you feel you’re smart enough for him? Do you feel you’re worthy of the very best life has to offer? Are you down for living a luxurious life? Can you be a conduit for his channeled nature? Cause that’s the kind of woman he wants. He’s powerful, so why would he be afraid of you? He gets everything he wants. If he wants you, he will have you.

But are you showing up as the woman he wants? Are you prepared and open to receive him?

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