Why do people cheat on each other, lie to each other & cause so much dysfunction?

by | Love & Relationships

People get into relationships and they lie to each other, they cheat on each other. So much dishonesty and disfunction happens that people learn to not trust each other. You make life so hard for each other, instead being a partner to get through the hardships of life with. You never truly feel real love and how it transcends your soul. You never get to see the beauty of it all. You’ll always feel unfulfilled, like something is missing.
Sometimes people put other people in so much pain that they commit suicide. All because they chose to love the wrong person. Then we preach light and love and to learn to control your feeling and emotions. We tell people to observe and remove the love. To only love with conditions. To people try to make love logical, when it’s totally opposite. Love is an energetic connection. It happens quite naturally. It can’t be forced. You just look at a person, you date a little and one day you look at them and it just hits you… You’re in love.
People work hard, they go to work, they rise on the corporate ladder. They build businesses, and proudly confess to how busy they are. Too busy for their families. Too busy for their mate. Too busy to find love. Too busy to do anything other than work. MONEY, The chase of money. How blind it keeps us to love.
But people never seem to realize that a lot of rich men, like really brilliant, wealthy men, have very healthy relationships. They know how to treat their wife. They pay all the bills. They tell their wife that she can have whatever she likes. The wife knows how to honor, cherish, serve her husband, and treat him like a King.
But right here is where you say “no one’s life is perfect. Everyone has problems” and blah, blah, blah.
You want the state the obvious in a negative format and forego the positive. The positive that some people actually care about having a loving, nurturing relationship and do what it takes to maintain one.
Society seems to know about any and everything, except love. It’s like a fantasy to most. But the thing is, that is what you came here for. You came to earth to experience love.
And God is love. Without God, you’ll never truly experience love.