I woke up so excited this morning. (Good habit of mine)  But today is one of the more exciting days.  I had a huge shift last night. Well it was more like some kind of huge leap, into some other dimension. 

I looked around at my new dimension, read a few things that I did not quite understand, but knew that I should and will understand it really soon.  Initially I was like “OMG. How TF, Did I get in this dimension?” It seems like everyone in the dimension knows what’s going on except for me. 

Then suddenly perhaps maybe for the first time I remembered the prayers that’ve I’ve said and the magic sequences I’ve done. Ahhh. I caused this. 

It’s amazing how every time your consciousness increases you see things more clearly. You release yourself from things and people. You see yourself more. You see your value. You can feel your alignment with the loving energy of the Universe. I can feel my spirit standing in full alignment. It feels so sexy. 

I’m grateful.  Then I hop online and happen to see a message from one of my clients. We’ve been working with her on her weight loss goal.  She’s a magic weight loss expert.  She wanted to reach her teenage weight goal after having a baby this year.  Because she’s magical she set a ridiculous goal in order to challenge herself. Ridiculous is what my tribe does best. If something appears to be impossible and ridiculous to the masses, we just go right on ahead and set the target, and refuse to move from it until we arrive at it. 🤣 It’s hilarious watching us.  And then every time we meet the goal. 

But “weight”. Pun intended. This woman just dropped 20 pounds in 17 days!!!  She would get really close to her goal, then sabotage herself. So we had to clear out her blocks, layer by layer, until boom!  I’m so happy for her. This goal means a lot to her.  It’s going to allow her to change a lot of lives. 

Yesterday was also good because I love masculine energy and this guy yesterday who is very helpful to me, I asked him for his address so that I can mail him an autographed copy of my book.  He insists on Cashapping me because he said “No. I have to fully support you.” It just touched my heart. He’s always thinking of something small that he can do for me.  He’s very intentional in showing me affection.  I love men who give me money and gifts. They have good energy. 

Anyway, the whole point of this blog is PRAY!!! I pray at a different level these days, and things move so much faster. Each day I’m getting more clear on exactly how to manifest what I want.  This whole prayer/manifestation stuff is so awesome. 

I also apparently healed my heart lots. I believe that heartbreak caused some sort of something where God kind of tossed me into a cave and reformed me.  I stepped out that cave yesterday and honey the old Kissy is dead. Gone! 

I walked to the mirror in this new Kissy body, saw that pretty face and deemed all of my exes must be retarded. Any man who came across me in the past year, that boy also must be sleep too.  Men let one of the greatest diamonds on earth slip past them.  I get so excited that I know my King is like right next to me. I just can’t see him yet.  I’m so ready to get this show on the road now!   I’m planning to film my very first talk show.

This world I live in, it’s not lonely, but only so few of us enter it. I’m so grateful for the internet and the connections that I meet.  I’m so grateful for all of the love I receive. 

Yesterday I posted a lengthy post promoting my course and 22 people actually shared it without me asking.  That made me so happy and I feel so loved.  It made me happy because I left a fanpage of 500,000 people who I would have to tug and pull at in order to change their life. They wouldn’t have been so receptive to my positive. life changing content.  But I can easily get them to share my crime posts thousands of times. 

It’s different when someone shares stuff that’s directly attached to you. I also became grateful to myself for walking in my purpose, even when others may not understand why I’m doing it. 

And like my spiritual mentor Makhosi says “You must stick to the path. It takes many months before they catch on.”

This woman who I snatched together light-weight about 6 months ago, chose not to invest in herself in order to work with me. Yesterday she hit me  up on messenger telling me about recent violence, abuse and not being valued by the same man in the same off and on relationship.  It’s weird how many women take themselves through these war zones with men.  

Even when I was going through it with men, I was still treated like a Queen. A man can not do too much to me, cause the cost of it is losing my love. My love and attention is the most valuable asset any man can have.  Sometimes they get used to it, and they think it’s them, and that they don’t need me, then later they see the difference. 

I know my King is just as MAGIC and full of love, and gratitude like me.  Anyway, go get your prayers together.  Make them financial, love, possessions, trips, clients, followers, whatever you want. The whole world is yours.  Just call it in to you.