You must first BE LOVE in order to RECEIVE LOVE

by | Abundance Mindset

I’ve experienced really beautiful relationships, and really deep love. It’s because of the way I love. I love so deeply that it results in a raised consciousness. When you don’t put your all into a relationship and you listen to light and love that tells you to detach and not care too much, you’re going to get that same thing back.
So many people are in relationships and still aren’t in deep love. They don’t even know what it feels like. If you’ve never been heartbroken, then you’ve definitely never put your all into anyone. And that’s really good for the earth realm. But it scores you no points in the spirit realm. The best way to love is to have no fear of total devastation. You gotta go ALL IN.
Even if it doesn’t work out, your spirit will grow tremendously. People tell me I’m brilliant and a genius all the time. I’ll be honest, I’ve always been smart since birth. By the age of 6 I noticed that my intelligence exceeded that of the other kids. In high school I was placed into advanced classes. As an adult, people would be shocked to know that I only have a high school diploma. I dropped out of college. Yet, rarely do I ever meet anyone smarter than me. I read books ferociously. I literally get turned on by knowledge. Place a cute, nice, brilliant man, who is also on his purpose and his money in front of me, and he’s crazy about me, and I just may faint. I’m a pure sapiosexual with a hint of genius, and a taste for the finer things in life.
But back to what I was saying. People also tell me that I’m anointed, gifted, magical, powerful and a bunch of other things. I know I am these things, but I can’t necessarily take credit for them. I was born that way, BUT, in order to grow in my magic and power, I am obsessed with God. I sleep with the bible in my bed. (That keeps away those nightmarish, ghoul sucking spirits, that attack you during sleep paralysis. You’re welcome.)
Anyway, so yeah, I love, love, love, love me some God. So obviously it’s no surprise that I’m spiritually advanced and gifted. Well maybe, maybe I was programmed for that too. Who knows.
But here is something that YOU can definitely do. The reason I left my fanbase of 500,000 is because I knew I could just build a new one, with the kind of people I like. I like conscious people, because I want to grow people, guide them and help them acquire the life of their dreams. That’s fun to me. I love seeing people happy, successful and in love. LOVE is a big thing for me. It’s very much who I AM. I put a lot of love out into the world. I truly love people. So it’s no surprise that I get so much love in return. People know when people truly care about them. They can feel it.
I see many coaches who try to copy me and make fierce AF posts. But those posts they make are truly judgmental. Therefore the posts don’t attract worthwhile people. The posts I make are simply to guide people into the light. For I know the truth shall set them free. I make posts with love in my heart.
So this goes back to the golden rule. If you want people to love you. You must first BE Love. Much of my blessings in life simply come from me being love. God trusts me with a heavy mantle cause he knows I’m going to do right by the people. I don’t abuse my magic. I use it for good. I help women find their confidence. I also set men free and guide them into their God Kingdom.
Because of my heart and gifting my light shines so bright that I don’t have to introduce myself. My tribe can see if from a mile away. They know I can help them in divine ways. They show up asking to pay me.  My tribe is composed of some of the most wealthiest, most powerful, most spiritual people in the world. They too are magical and gifted.  It’s not an easy feat to vibrate on our high frequency.  This is the reward for the LOVE we put out into the world. Remember, GOD IS LOVE. 
So often people look for things outside of yourself or you think everyone else is better than you. The truth is God gave you a gifting too. But you’ll only discover it by becoming a better person. Each day seek to be better and better.  Hone in on your purpose. Each day seek to love yourself more and love others just the same.