Dear Men: Stop basing your relationships on what your mama did

by | Love & Relationships

If you men would stop basing your relationships on what your mama did you would have a successful relationship.

First of all, Your mama doesn’t have 100,000 instagram followers. Your mama ain’t a badd chick.

Second of all, Your mama ain’t laced with divine confidence.

Your mama doesn’t think she’s the baddest chick in the game. She’s humble and aint no Nobel Peace Prize coming her way. That would require PURPOSE. Your mama ain’t purposed up.

Third of all, Your mama doesn’t have magic powers. Cause if she did, your mama would have a man who pays ALL of her bills, and she’d be glowing, happy AF, and raised you to be a KING who pays bills. (My male friends have mothers like this… Hence the reason they are Kings.)

P.S. Dope women are not about to marry a man who still listens to his damn mama. Is your mama Oprah? Okay Then.

(No disrespect to anyone’s mama. But mama doesn’t always know the way. Listening to mama will get you dumped by a great woman. God already told you to CLEAVE.)

It doesn’t’ even make sense that some of you actually attempt to transfer your mama’s legacy onto your wife. If you watched your mama struggle, and you watched men wrong her, how TF do you as an adult man repeat the same damn pattern? How did that sh*t not piss you off enough to make you desire to be a good man?

Do you seriously want to raise little feminine boys who can’t provide for a woman? What’s the use of you having muscles? You may as well birth a baby. Oh, my fault, YOU CAN’T!  Some play your damn role.