A spiritual Goddess must be careful with her words

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If you’re following this blog you’re hard headed. 

So am I Sis. Or at least I used to be. But today I am reformed by the father, the son and the holy spirit. I rebuke the spirit of not listening to the Gods, the universe and God himself.  I rebuke thine ears that clearly hears wisdom it chooses to ignore.

Follow along. Start rebuking Sis. 

Here is the thing.  When you become spiritually aware you are no longer ignorant. You are responsible for your words. 

Only focus on what you want. Choose to speak LIFE into yourself, your life and your loved ones.  Choose to speak life into your man. 

It’s really tempting to go the other way, and not speak life. We all have our moments. I love to crack jokes, but Sis, the Universe doesn’t have a phucking sense of humor. If it hears you say something, it’s coming with it. 

And you can’t get mad, because it’s only delivering to you what you said you desired. 

Speak life.  Speak life that you won’t fall off those tall azz Louboutins that we all used to wear when they first came out. They had us feeling good and falling all over the place. 

I remember one time, one of my male friends took me to Mr. Chows in New York.  He loves to save $5 whenever he can, so he drops me off at the front door instead of valeting like my boss azz husband would. Anyway, I get out the car, happily sashaying my way to the front door and right before I reached the handle, my body balance starts tilting forward pretty fast. I was about to fall off of those platform heels. But luckily the door was in front of me, so I grab the large silver bracket  door handle, and it secured me from embarrassment. 

As I had already embarrassed myself the prior night, at the club. For some reason, I was soooooo happy that I allowed this drunk white girl to talk me into standing on the table, dancing with her.   We were both happy AF.  You know how some of us do when we work hard, and finally get out the house. We be the life of the party, and don’t know how to act. All bourgeoise goes out the door sometimes. Or at least it used to.

Anyway, I don’t know exactly how it all transpired, but I remember falling backwards, onto the couch where my friend was. He caught me. But the other girl…………………………………… Sis, she fell off the table, onto the floor. 

But she’s a solider. So you already know she tried to pop right back up. Some men grabbed her and lifted her up. I felt bad of course, because God always got me and I fell onto a cushy couch where my friend caught me. So I bought her a shot and we laughed.  She then asked me if I were okay. Girl!!!  I was worried about her, and meanwhile she was worried about me. (You’ll meet your aligned tribe everywhere you go quite naturally.)

You’d better believe I didn’t get my azz back on that table. 

I later asked my friend why didn’t he tell me to get down from the table. He said it was because I was happy. The truth is he knew I wouldn’t listen, so he let me learn on my own. 

In addition to watching your words, it’s important that you start listening to what men say to you. It’s important that you start listening to what women tell you. 

Listening and speaking life will change your life. It has changed mine and the things I speak of manifest pretty fast. 

God Bless.