If two people commit to growing together, will their love last forever?

by | Love & Relationships

Sometimes I feel lost in this world. Not because I’m crazy, but because I truly realize I’m not of this world. My physical body is here, but when it comes to love I completely do not operate in the 3D realm.

This is one of those weeks where I’m going through a lot of shifting, unleveling, and shedding of the ego.  It’s always a battle with ego because sometimes you need it and sometimes you need to toss it.  Sometimes you find yourself holding onto beliefs only to realize that maybe you need to let them go. 

I look back at my relationships and I know that I absolutely was not perfect in relationships, but the core of what love is has always been embedded into my heart. I followed it, and it didn’t work out. 

Why? Because I love in a different kind of way. It’s deep and passionate.  Everything would be okay if I met my equal that loves like me, is my new current belief. 

Some people have been married 4 times. Right now I realize WHY I’ve never been married. It’s not that I didn’t want to, or that I couldn’t find a man to marry me. I’ve been proposed to lots of times.  But I’ve been searching for something. I’ve been searching for forever with my equal.

A person who doesn’t value love, like I understand and value love, can never be my equal. So of course my past relationships didn’t work out. Of course I had to walk away. They weren’t committed to soul growth. 

You can’t commit to soul growth when you’re busy spending your time with other romantic interests outside of your relationship. Of course you’re not going to work things out or figure things out when you have so many other options in this world.  Yup, there are millions of people you could spend the rest of your life with, because they check off on your checklist of having good credit, being reliable, being 6’4″ tall, driving a luxury car, having the finest clothes and blah, blah, blah. 

Then there are people like me who want to marry someone who expands my soul. That seems crazy and utterly ridiculous to most. But it makes perfect good sense to me. 

I notice that a lot of marriages are simply friendships with sexual privileges.  They have sex together and get money together. Their marriage is a business. Therefore they often need the attention and distraction of outside sources to fulfill their needs.

I by no means have all of the answers. But I do know how to love and maintain it once you’re in it. Other people are a dating coach, but I’m a love coach and a love guru, amongst being a master life coach.

My past relationships taught me that okay, maybe my boundaries weren’t high enough, and maybe I let someone slide one too many times, maybe I was too patient, too hopeful, too forgiving and too full of love. But what if I met someone whose heart mirrored mine? How would that work out? I believe it will work out well. I know it will be a beautiful experience.

So suddenly as I go about my day, I find myself rejecting some of the things I’ve learned about relationships lately. Things that keep you safe. Safe from getting hurt. It actually saddens me that the way society is set up that you can’t meet a person and simply decide to go ALL IN. Yet you can go all in with your money and gamble it away. But when it comes to your heart, you gotta play it safe in this 3D world. 

Why can’t it be “Hey. we both want the same things out of life. Let’s complete this mission together.” That sounds so simple, and so sweet to me. Why is it so hard for most to comprehend?

I believe mainly a lot of people are constantly searching for something better, instead of deciding to get better, and BECOME better, together.  When two people decide to grow together, I believe the result is the greatest expansion of the soul that two humans could ever experience.

But alas, unless you meet your equal, us 5D souls must play by 3d rules. Cause Earth is where we live.