Men Are Not Intimidated By Your SUCCESS, they are repelled by your MASCULINITY

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High Value Men want their wives to THRIVE, not just survive and be sick and tired

So that whole line of “men are intimidated by your success” can be tossed out the window now.

What’s stopping that tall, fine, rich man from being attracted to your boss AZZ is your ATTITUDE sis.


You think you are all of that!

And you’re supposed to.

So Number #1 – Why do you find yourself in front of a man who doesn’t think the same thing of you?

Here’s why, many men in today’s world, especially black men have a negative mindset, they break women down based upon everything that’s wrong with you.  If your ENERGY isn’t right, rarely are they going to see or say anything good about you.

Here’s why:  MEN compete with other men.  They don’t feel sorry for other men.  So if you are showing up in masculine energy, he is repelled by you and looks at you as a dude.

Sure some men with way less money than you may be intimidated by you.  Oh well. Keep it moving. But all in all, you don’t scare a real man Sis. He can handle you. But DOES HE WANT YOU is the real question.

YOU WANT HIM, yet you keep attracting men who don’t want you. I mean SURE the men you don’t want, want you. Yes you can get A MAN at any time.  That’s facts, but sit that fact to the side, cause it’s holding you back.  YOUR LIFE is about getting what you want, so why focus on what you don’t want?  By focusing on the fact that you are attracting a ton of men you don’t want, stops you from understanding WHY you’re not attracting the men you do want.

You want that tall, fine, smart, successful, smell good man with the nice luxury whip, that gets your panties wet and makes you laugh, to wife you.  Period.

So what’s stopping you.

It’s the masculine energy you exude.  You’ve built it up to protect yourself and win in life. Men weren’t always kind to you. You learned to not trust them and to take care of yourself.

You weren’t set up to live a soft life. No way no how. If you weren’t strong, you wouldn’t have survived or made it this far. I’m not going to sugar coat you and tell you that’s a bad thing, cause a lot of these men aint sh*t and YES, they will bite you.  However there still are some good men out here.

But Sis, it’s humility time. And I’m not trying to humble you like men do…. I’m simply about to tell you some real truths about yourself.  Receiving them will change the game of love, life, and dating for you.  Receiving it, will get that big ring you wanted on your finger.

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At this point in life nearly every woman is a go-getter. That’s awesome. Keep being that. But the thing is you need MORE than money, success and accolades to be seen as special in the eyes of a high value man.  This is why it’s important to continue your self-development journey beyond academic success.

Men don’t care that you’ve outworked the next girl in order to be successful. What he wants to know is who you truly are at your core, and how well he will get along with you.

Chances are, at your core, you’ve been hurt.  Despite your sweet nature, that energetically makes you rough around the edges, exuding masculine energy, repelling the men you really want to be with.

You believe your value is based upon your career, instead of your career simply being another impressive mark on your list of qualities, like your new pair of Louboutin shoes. You wouldn’t count those cute, expensive heels as a reason a man should love you. But you know they make you shine a little brighter. That’s the right mindset, when it comes to looking at you as a whole.

Elite women often get passed over for women that they believe are less than them, because of her attitude and energetic frequency.  A lot of men love to big up lesser women and down top notch chicks, because he has low self-esteem.  We’re not talking about this men.

We’re talking about what men actually VALUE. They value FEMININE ENERGY,  Combine that with success and beauty and you are unstoppable.

Here is how to become Unstoppable and Stop Attracting The Wrong Men

Unleash Your Power: How to Become Unstoppable and Stop Attracting the Wrong Men

When you find yourself caught in a cycle of attracting the wrong men into your life, It’s time to break free from patterns that no longer serve you and step into your unstoppable self. Here are some amazing tips to help you transform your love life:

**1. Know Your Worth:

  • Understand and embrace your inherent value. Recognize that you deserve a partner who respects, appreciates, and uplifts you. When you believe in your worth, you naturally attract those who see and honor it. Don’t let these dudes talk you out of your worth when you are working on yourself.  If you’re still the kind of woman who makes money and doesn’t invest in femininity coaching then you’re asking for great men to view you as worthless, while the bum men mate with you because you’ll buy them everything and allow them to come up off of you. And the whole time you’ll be thinking he loves you when he doesn’t.

**2. Clarify Your Boundaries:

  • Clearly define your boundaries and communicate them confidently. Establishing healthy limits helps create a foundation of mutual respect and understanding in any relationship. Be firm in your convictions and prioritize your well-being.  You have to be ready to WALK AWAY from a man without screaming.  All men hear are your ACTIONS. Yet, if you yell, scream or demean him he will quickly tire of you.  Your finances allow you to be in a position to walk away.  And you easily do this with men who make less than you, but can you do it with a man who makes more than you and then get him to run back to you with an apology ready to get some act right?  You can when you communicate with him like a soft, feminine woman and sexually blow his mind.  (slut/pornstar mode)

**3. Cultivate Self-Love:

  • Love starts from within. Prioritize self-care, indulge in activities that bring you joy, and celebrate your achievements. The more you love and appreciate yourself, the less likely you are to settle for relationships that don’t honor your worth. DO NOT put a man first.  It will turn him off. FOCUS ON YOURSELF and slide him in between your appointments. Period.  Make him available for YOU when you want him..  In dating a new guy, tell him you’re going to call him at 6 pm every day, or whatever time works for you. Do not take calls around HIS schedule. This way you know if he has someone important in his life or not. Love YOURSELF ABOVE ALL ELSE, especially a man. Because if you ever fall out of love with you, HE WILL TOO. Men are controlled by your love for self and your communications with them.

**4. Identify Red Flags:

  • Learn to recognize early warning signs of unhealthy relationships. Whether it’s inconsistent communication, lack of respect, or a misalignment of values, being aware of red flags allows you to make empowered decisions and avoid toxic connections. Sis, if he didn’t respect the last woman chances are he won’t respect you either.  See the red flags and accept that you are no different 9/10.

**5. Define Your Ideal Partner:

  • Clearly outline the qualities you seek in a partner. Reflect on the values, characteristics, and lifestyle that align with your vision for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. This clarity will guide you in attracting someone who shares your goals and values. Yes. society will try to talk you out of this. Drown at their confusion, get clear, then get out there and get it.

**6. Embrace Uniqueness:

    • Celebrate your uniqueness and be unapologetically yourself. Authenticity attracts authenticity. When you let go of societal expectations and embrace your true self, you create space for genuine connections with those who appreciate you for who you are.   Here is a random blog I came across 8 Steps For Embracing Your Uniqueness.  It’s already written so I’ll skip having to write it for you.  Developing a personality is KEY.  Men like women with dope personalities. And being spiritual, and talking angel numbers only impresses me who don’t have money.  There are a ton of us spiritual women.    However your ENERGETIC IMPRINT does make you unique.

**7. Learn from Past Experiences:

  • Reflect on past relationships and extract valuable lessons. Consider what worked, what didn’t, and how you’ve grown. Use these insights to make informed choices in future connections. Listen Sis. Talking crazy to men doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. Talking to men in a way that gets you want you want WORKS.  I’m not telling you to be more scheming and conniving but I am telling you to be more manipulative and seductive. MEN LOVE IT.  And as long as you are in the game to win/keep his heart than you’re not doing anything wrong.  (Be righteous though, not foul. Still be true to you, just be more fun, feminine, aggressive and seductive.)
  •  The first step in this is to target a man YOU REALLY WANT to keep and get what you want from him. Because you are so egoic you may find it difficult to implement these steps with a man you’re already in a relationship with who is mean and doesn’t seem to appreciate you.   Dating is like a good painting.You must start with the right canvas. The man you WANT is the right canvas.   When you approach this man, it’s no longer about him. It’s about you. HE IS YOUR GAME. Your eyes are set, locked in ready for a game of seduction.
  • This isn’t about strategy either. Strategy is for enemies. It’s like WAR.  And although dating black men can make a woman feel like she is at war, you have more control over his behavior than you think. We’re talking strategy that is going to have the right man falling in love with you.     What you could’ve learned from past experiences is that men don’t respect ‘NICE’ women. They don’t like gullible women. They respect women that know the game, know and hold their value, go after what they want, and won’t fold.   You partially know this, which is why you show up in masculine energy.  This is about showing up in feminine energy and not letting a man know what you are thinking.

**8. Surround Yourself with Positivity:

  • Build a supportive network of friends and mentors who uplift and encourage you. Positive influences contribute to a strong sense of self and can provide valuable perspectives on your relationships. Only talk about what you want, and talk to people about what you want. You don’t have time for anything else.  Positive vibes!! Vibe High.

**9. Stay True to Your Goals:

  • Pursue your personal and professional goals with passion. A woman who is focused on her aspirations radiates confidence and attracts individuals who appreciate ambition and drive.  Don’t ever take your foot off the gas or off the necks of these haters. Keep going after what you want, because YES, it does put you in position for men to bow down to you.

**10. Trust Your Instincts:

  • Listen to your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, trust that inner voice. Your instincts are a powerful guide in navigating the complex landscape of relationships. No more ignoring your intuition.  You are not dumb. You are far from dumb. The more you learn to trust yourself the better life will work out for you. And if you don’t know something or if a man is good for you, ask God to reveal his truth or to help you. God always got you which is why he granted you with intuition, but he’s also there to guide you and give you clarity.

By implementing these tips, you’ll embark on a transformative journey toward becoming unstoppable in your pursuit of healthy, fulfilling relationships. Remember, you have the power to shape the love life you desire and deserve. Embrace your strength, trust the process, and watch as you attract the right kind of love into your life. Unleash your power, and let the journey to unstoppable love begin!

P.S. The only time you need to be extra sweet and compliment a man is when you want something from him.. Save all those compliments for that.  (I know this probably doesn’t feel good to you.  But know that I am just like you, a sweetie pie that had to learn to embrace my savagery and CHARM… I would say CHARM because often we feel guilty about charming anyone, when honey, that’s a beautiful skill to have.

God Bless.