Always operate through the source for divine manifestations

by | The Journey

A facebook memory came up today, and I laughed. Then I laughed again. I love God. I love how he works, when I listen…. Other times I want to hit him with my high heel stiletto shoe, from 3 feet away. Or at least I used to before I understood a few things about my lack of listening

Everything seems like a coincidence. It’s not. When you live in the spiritual realm you one day realize that every moment, every situation, has been guiding you towards something. Learn the lessons.

It’s no coincidence that I now have a book titled “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You.”

you can't force a man to value you

I knew the relationship I was in, at the time, was teaching me a lesson about how much I valued myself.  I’ve always valued myself immensely, but that relationship taught me that I didn’t value myself enough, at the height of who God called me to be. If other people even valued themselves at the height I did back then, then they would do GREAT at life. I valued myself at Queen level. But I was called to value myself at the GODDESS QUEEN level..  (There are always levels to this sh*t!)

Anyway, I sourced a download for the book title a year ago, during meditation. But I hesitated on writing it. A friend that’s no longer a friend told me not to. As time went on I’ve had to accept that YES, I receive divine downloads and YES, life gets to be easy.  

Then a few months ago when I sat down and DECIDED to finally write it, the words simply flowed. Now a year later I’m finally releasing the book. Thank God I write fast! It would’ve taken anyone else a year or more to write a book that was handed to me as a divine gift.

Many people told me not to write my book. Just as many told me that my blog wouldn’t succeed, and to not bother with it. Yet I still made multiple six figures. Cause God told me that I would.

My book is going to do exactly what I know it’s going to do.

People sometimes think you’re just like them… They can’t see. Only the divine can SEE other divine souls. Divine souls told me “Write the book Kissy!”

It’s best that you operate through source. Listen to your intuition. Others don’t understand your journey. Some of us are called to do a specific thing.  To fully walk in my calling, God himself had to channel through me and tell me that it was time to wake people up. Otherwise I’m quite sure I’d still be off making 6 figures at something I was tired of, and being with a man who didn’t value me.

But back to my point. When you answer God’s call, you learn the way, on the path. It’s like the Wizard of Oz. You gotta have courage. When you’re on the yellow brick road, a brick will light up. Don’t doubt it. Jump on it. Then the next brick will light up. You don’t necessarily know which brick will light up, but at the end of the day, the road is the road. It’s taking you somewhere. In a way, you know where you’re going. You’ve always known… But you fought it. Jump on the brick and don’t question it. Don’t be bothered that it seems too easy.

What’s REALLY funny, is that the road is going to take you where you’re going, regardless of your decisions. You can’t necessarily make a bad decision. Cause it’ll work out for you in the long-run. Even I suppose if you break something, you’ll learn how to fix it. Which makes you that much more smarter and helpful to mankind.

God told you a long time ago what he wanted you to do. Maybe you didn’t listen. Maybe you didn’t do these things. So you made things harder on yourself than they ever had to be. Cause at the end of the day, when you are called, you are going to do what you are called to do. You must. That’s it, That’s all. You either live in your purpose, or die by the fire of misalignment, disappoint and living a life less than. And for a called soul, less than is basically walking dead. You can barely breathe.  So answer the call, and walk through the fire unscorched. If you happen to get scratched by the bricks coming at you, simply command them to be immediately healed. If you fall, then you’d better get your booty back up again. 

But at no point should you ever stop moving, give up, or pretend that you don’t know you’re being called. No point of fighting it.

If you need help getting into alignment and answering the call of your soul, and desire to work with me 1 on 1 to help you manifest your true hearts desire in business or love, message me.