Ladies, you are not a bird, never pay for your own flight to go see a man

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Ladies, I know you want to have a beautiful relationship, to be valued, to attract real love, get married and travel the world with the man of your dreams.  Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. What you want is such a wonderful, soul transcending experience. But to get that, you must understand that there are some rules and regulations. 

You are not a bird. A woman should NEVER pay for her own flights to go see a man.  

Yeah you can be the boss chick you are and pay, just because you can. But sweetie, if that man found you VALUABLE, he would’ve pulled out his card and paid.
Now you and 5 other birds are buying your own flights, trying to impress a man who ain’t looking to be impressed. He’s simply looking for hot chicks to have sex with and play with.
Goddess again
My male friends have lots of women who pay for their own flights. Guess what happens. They phuck and send those women about their business and on to the next one. They get excited when she pays her own, but even if he doesn’t realize it, he’s not really into her. That’s why he didn’t offer to pay in the first place. These men be looking for something, and don’t know what they’re looking for. They just run through women in search of, and in the meantime they have sex with her. But most times, sex doesn’t give him the emotional connection he seeks. But his mind keeps telling him SEX is where the  connect is. These men want love, but many of them don’t know how to obtain it. So they are simply going about things the best way they can.  (They have no idea how to consciously relate.)
This thing with flights –  I’ve learned to turn down the majority of flight offers from men. Even when they want to fly me to places I’ve never been. You gotta ignore your friends who tell you to “Go, have a good time, and try something new.” WHY?  Because chances are, on top of my soul already knowing what it wants,  
1.   I’m not going to phuck them.
2. They are going to want a relationship with me after being in my PRESENCE.
I’m not responsible for their emotions, but I have a big heart and don’t want to hurt anyone. Now that’s another man I have to gracefully turn down, in order to keep his feelings from being hurt, while trying to maintain the friendship. Even when men say “let’s just be cool,” and he’s booking flights, it’s not because he wants to be friends with you. It’s because he wants to be with you either sexually or explore the option of a relationship with you.  Some men actually believe “friendship” is the easy way in.  Us women know it’s actually a coffin with perimeters that they will not be getting out of. 
Money feels really good to us boss chicks. It’s so freeing. It makes us feel safe and empowered. We feel in control. Finally you’re able to do all of the things you always wanted to do. Yet you still want a man who loves and adores you. You want a man who can match you, plus one…. Yet boss chicks don’t often  operate in the feminine energy that ALLOWS a King to match or serve you.
So many good-hearted boss chicks have a need to prove something to a man.  Or you want to show him that you’re not out to use him, that you’re not broke like these other b*tches,  that you don’t mind financially contributing, or that you’re not into him just for his money.  That’s really sweet, but it’s a no go. Provider men aren’t like those busters who long ago told you to work hard to do everything on your own, which propelled you into success and now has you living a storyline that you need to let go of.
When a woman finds herself constantly trying to match a man in grit and prove that she’s his equal, by taking it upon herself to provide everything for herself, she immediately messes up the balance of the relationship; by diminishing his capacity to provide for her.  
Such women take a good man’s job away from him. A provider man’s mind is set up differently from 97% of these other men. His mindset is ELITE. Yes, men actually do get excited when a woman purchases her own flight.   Yet, even if a King tells you that’s what he’s looking for, he still has the heart and soul of a King, so it’s going to tell him that you are not what he needs. Your behavior doesn’t engage nor activate his King codes. Yes he recognizes that you’re a boss when you pay up. Yes he brags about it to his friends. Yes, it’s even a good look for him to have some badd azz, successful woman, spending her own money to come see him, in hopes of having him choose her as the one. But it’s not going to turn out for you the way you hope that it will.
PICK ME behavior rarely does. 
When you actually VALUE your divine feminine presence, you make sure that you deal with men who put their money where his mouth is.
Never let a man treat you like you’re just some basic b*tch. Either you’re his dream girl or you’re not. Do you think these men would allow their dream girl to pay for her own flight? Heck No. When he meets his dream girl, he wants to hand her everything. He’s ready to prove himself.  Yet too many women try to prove to a man that you’re HIS dream girl, by putting in EFFORT.  There is no need to effort your way into getting a man. Your energetic Queenly PRESENCE is what alters a man. His dream girls looks a certain way and makes him FEEL a certain way. The way she pays is of no relevance. Either he wants to keep you in his presence or he doesn’t. You can’t buy your way into him keeping you. That’s why buying a man gifts also doesn’t work in your best interest. 
Honestly while these women are doing all of this extra masculine behavior, I literally have men who will book me flights to places, knowing that there is a 99.9% chance that I won’t have sex with him. But he doesn’t care. WHY? Because it’s my PRESENCE he values. He wants it at all costs. He knows that if he can convince me to be in a relationship with him, that he can get sex later. A man can get sex easy from multiple women. A King knows he needs way more than that. 
When it comes to sex, a lot of women these days are not sexually repressed. If she wants to have blazing, hot sex with a man, she’s going to do it.
But here’s the thing, if you know you actually do want to have sex with a man, you damn sure better make sure he’s paying for the flight. Because what type of woman pays for her own flight, delivers herself, then proudly serves her p*ssy on a platter to a man who doesn’t invest in her? One that won’t be getting wifed up by him. That’s who.
There are so many other ways to show love to a man.
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you can't force a man to value you