How dating games keeps people from experiencing love

by | Love & Relationships

A lot of people have read a lot of books, learned a lot of things, and learned to play a lot of games. They meet others who do the same. Chaos ensues. They get to the point where they don’t believe in love.

Even when the find the slightest semblance of love, it doesn’t work out for them, because that person also plays the game.

By the time they come across the potential for real love, they are now in fear. What they’ve wanted the whole time is now in front of them. It feelsdangerous. Like a power that could potentially take over them. Same thing happens to those who’ve tried to love properly. Fear of being hurt, survival of your mended heart becomes most important. Wondering if it’s safe to love again.

Suddenly you do not know what to do. Should you run and hide, have better things to do, or should you stay and play? That is the question.

If you run, there is then thoughts of what could be. Plus the distractions prove to simply not measure up. So back you go to play ball. You think it’s simple. So you throw the ball. Your target refuses to catch it. They outright reject it. For they know you tossed a random shot. Not quite feeling it…

You know how to play every game, except the game of love. Because love isn’t a game. It’s a connection to soul and return to oneness. You can’t tell it what to do. It’s going to flow. When it hits you it hits you. All you can do is pause, run, or press play and let it play out. Once it starts your greatest desire is to press the play that’s already in session. Your move. Are you going to go all in, or fold your cards and run… to something that feels safer? You can’t possibly play this one out the same way you did the last one. You know the one where you were in between….

It’s quite easy to fall in love, but it’s an entirely different thing to make a decision to stand in love. For love in it’s truest form is simply a state of BEING. A being that eludes many due to the attachment of the ego not wanting to appear in weakened form.