I must’ve broken my heart into pieces two times in a row. I opened my heart up and went all in for love. I had so much faith in both relationships. I had my doubts, but hoped they’d turn out for the best.

But what was it that I had faith in? I had faith in characters that showed they didn’t value the relationship. I had faith that they would get it right. 

What they got right is to continue operating within their same character. Characteristics that I chose to overlook. I mean in my mind, which is quite rational, how could anyone find the deepest love and not appreciate it?

But humans are not rational. Most aren’t.  Humans are so irrational, that when I come along talking about love this and love that, they believe me to be a bit crazy or naive. However I’m neither.  What I am is a manifestation of the greatest love.  The kind of love that’s rare in today’s society. 

As I sit here thinking about love, remembering how a man told me the other day that my achilles heel is that I AM THE GODDESS OF LOVE & MOTIVATION, to where he promptly told me that I was a bit naive and that love didn’t exist, and that it wasn’t real. I silently laughed and redirected him to go after a woman, whom I can tell makes his heart beat. 

This man would’ve married me tomorrow if I allowed him to. Moreorso, because we get along and he trusts me, and I’m very business smart, and attract a lot of attention. That would’ve been his basis for marrying me. He would’ve protected me and provided for me, as a man should. 

To him my decision to not accept his offer is quite absurd. But I’m the Goddess of Love. How can I do anything less than true love? Yes, I could be with a person and make them fall in love. I can show people a love they’ve never seen. I’ve done it in the past. I’ve been called a first real love. I am magic.

But I will have no less than my dream of love in the highest form. God encoded me for my own wealth, so I’ll never bow for the sake of money. I will only bow for love. 

There aren’t many people like me. Most like me are going through life, fully loving people, being abused, misused, unloved, and taken for granted. In the end they are having to heal, question themselves and claim to not have fully loved themselves. Because that’s what society tells them. 

But what I know is that each person did indeed love themselves. They simply decided to love another human who didn’t value love the same. 

My tribe, we love in the 5D realm. We will give the perfect love in time, simply because it’s what we do. We perfect things. The area of love is no different.  

I think of all the things my tribe must go through before they finally attract the love they seek. It’s ALOT of work.  They must hold the faith and continue to vibrate higher. 

Gods & Goddesses belong together. We are mythical beings who actually exist in this world.  We recognize each other by our energetic frequency. We are told whom each other are from the jump.  Yet we spend most of our lives attempting to mate with the mortals.

But whose going to tell you that you’re a real life God or a Goddess. I mean just about everyone calls themselves that these days.  Who is even bold enough to claim it? Who wants to be so different?  Who wants to accept who they are?

This journey of self-discovery and truly remembering who you are, is not for the weak.

When you find the love you seek, know that you deserve it.