I’m a firm believer that if someone wants what you have, they will buy it. I’m the Bentley of everything that I do. My record speaks for itself. My image speaks for itself. My history, tells you the hurdles I had to overcome in order to get here to wealth and prosperity land.  The dedication to the craft of living my best life, and educating myself on how to do so has created my value.  When clients come to me they are not being given the Toyota way of living life. They are being shown the Bentley route. You see Bentley’s are only for those individual’s who enjoy personal freedom.  That freedom can be lost at any time if not gained the right way.  So I teach my clients how to maintain freedom forever. 5 Star Bentley life.

I’m a Bentley. Ain’t no way in hell that you have to convince someone who loves top of the line finesse and class to buy a Bentley, You convince people to buy Toyotas, not Rolls Royces. Not Bentleys.

If a high class person can afford a Bentley and you put the right color in front of them, and that’s what they want, they are going to purchase it and wait months for it to be freshly delivered. 9.9/10 they walked into the dealership or logged onto the site to build one. The dealership didn’t seek them out.

Just because a person has an abundance of money, doesn’t necessarily mean they want or desire a Bentley.   Sometimes people have money and they don’t even dress well. I see this all the time, people making 6-Figures, hitting millionaire status and not a clue of how to dress. They will quote that Zuckerberg dresses casual or even mention that Sam Walton drove around in an old car.  They quote their value system..  Every person with money isn’t fly. Cause money doesn’t make you. Clothes don’t make you. If you were basic broke, you’ll be basic rich. Royalty is something that’s in your blood. I know this because even when I had $5 in my pocket I was still looking fabulous. Royalty will find a way to present itself no matter what.

There’s nothing wrong with not caring for fancy things… I’m going somewhere with this. But I decided that I’m a Bentley provider.  Since I sell Bentley’s, I prospect Bentley buyers. If I present the right offer to them, they will buy.

Because I understand that buyer, I create my products and services to be the best of the best. Beyond satisfaction, because that is what they desire. A luxurious experience.  My tribe wants to experience the luxuries of the heart, mind, body and soul. Materials are simply a representation of their inner values.

They want the best of the best.  They seek it out. You don’t have to bug them. You don’t have to breathe down their neck. Either they want a red Bentley and can afford it or they can’t at the moment. But they are working on it… It’s really that simple. NONE of my clients had to be convinced. They already know. Convincing is more like a nudge that say “Hey, you know you’ve reached a great place in life. It’s okay to upgrade now. It’s safe to have what you want.” Sometimes they need permission to fully show up as themselves, because they fear being too much , or being seen. They often have to be reminded that they earned the right to have what they want and to show up just as brilliant, talented, fabulous and glamorous as they are. They often have to be told that it’s okay to be amazing. You see they are already a Bentley, but they are hiding…

Therefore, I have refused to subscribe to the Toyota sales version. No one had to convince me to buy in to change my own life. The minute I had a conversation with the 1st life coach I was with it.  That didn’t absolutely go so great, as I was rather lead wrong, but I did learn a lot. The most important thing that I learned is that when it comes to life coaching the buyer has to be aligned with the seller, in order for the transformation to occur.

My coach didn’t wear make-up on the call. She wasn’t fancy. She was plain. I had to tell her to start doing her make-up.  Meanwhile she often told me that I was a bit too much, to be more quiet. She told me to shelf courses that I knew would motivate souls.  She didn’t understand that the people who bought that course needed that hope. She didn’t understand me, therefore she didn’t understand my tribes.   After that I bought into other millionaire coaches and found a Diva. Alignment occurs…. Diva said “Hey Sis. It’s okay to be as fabulous as you are darling.” See it’s little stuff like that. Because they recognize you they can then give you a plan and strategy that’s in alignment with your mission.

So when I see a Bentley service, you don’t have to tell me twice to buy in. I’m like “Yes! Run me my shortcut!”  I always knew I would be successful no matter what. I was greatly successful before I hired a coach.  I’d been making multiple 6 Figures in my own business for years.  No one had to convince me that I wanted a pool in my backyard. No one has to convince me to look my best.

I simply get it. Because it’s who I am…

So many coaches these days, along with lots of madness.  Lots of drowning going on and there’s a also a whole lot of swimming, and a whole lot of floating too.

The way to go is to jump in the river, and go with the flow of the steam.  The stream is going exactly where it’s supposed to…. It’s guaranteed to flow endlessly.

When your business and offer is in alignment it operates the same way.  When in alignment your business is equivalent to a water faucet.

When you walk to the sink to  turn the faucet on, do you doubt that water will come out? Okay then. #MarinateOnThat

After stepping into life coaching and now having a scope of the entire sphere, I have a great deal of sympathy for light workers who are also life coaches.

I believe you’re draining yourself by chasing people who are happy not living their best life and spending money on vacations instead of investing in a lifetime vacation.

Once you’ve put up your website, you’ve hopped on video to give advice over and over again, or your Facebook posts or blog posts have promptly displayed your knowledge, something happens.

Your tribe… your words start transforming their minds. It sends signals. They know, you’re the one to help them. They don’t need much convincing. If they are at an abundant place they will buy in. If they haven’t quite reached the place where they can birth their Bentley, then you can create a product or service that up levels them and brings them to an abundant place.

The point is, they want YOU.

So stop evaluating your worth based upon whether they say yes or no to saving their own self.. It’s one thing when you’re in the beginning or you don’t have enough info out there to show your work, then yes, they need huge amounts of convincing.

Every highly successful person I’ve encountered literally sits online SEARCHING for answers to buy into. But when you’re selling lifetime Bentley’s you must remember that you’re selling freedom. It’s the best purchase they will ever make in their life.

If they don’t grab it right then, or they forget, they will get it later with a slight reminder. But it’s not a push, pull process. It’s FLOW.

P.S. Enlightened Life Coaching is not easy. It takes work!!! It’s not cut out for everyone. You must be willing to do the inner work.