5 Truthful Facts No One Else Will Tell You… So Your Life Doesn’t Change

by | The Facts of Life

5 Facts No One Else Will Tell You, Because When We Tell You Truths, You Can’t Take It. So Your Life Doesn’t Change.

1. There is no way that your profile picture is a cartoon character or some entity that hides who you are, yet you get online and think someone who is comfortable with themselves, loving themselves and has a profile full of their own photos and words cares about you. That’s insanity! You don’t value yourself, so why would anyone else? If YOU SAY you’re INVISIBLE you’ll be treated as such.

It’s ridiculous the amount of people who inbox me daily trying to maintain conversations with me with basically blank profiles. Sorry, but not sorry, I’m spending my time talking to the people who are showing up trying in life.

2. 3 more years of college probably won’t free your soul. You’ll be paid to work hard to help someone else build their rich American Dream. While you day dream about living yours. You’ll be tired, overworked, stressed, dreading Mondays, working 1 year just to get a 1 week vacation, pretending to enjoy life while dying inside, up to your neck in debt, living without passion, retire with regret, watch others continue to live their best life while you whither away in an unlived life. You have to get up and start living TODAY. Go for what your heart wants. Everything will be okay. If you want to paint, GO PAINT. YES, it will pay you. MOVE towards your dreams.

3. You can’t force anyone to value you, themselves, or their own life. No matter how deeply you love someone that you’re willing to go to bounds for them by screaming and hollering at them to wake up, you can’t… You can’t sacrifice yourself like that. They will hate you and they won’t receive the love you’re giving them.

In relationships, one must love a person where they are at. You are who you are, so the person you are able to give that unconditional love to, must be in alignment with your values. LIKE attracts like.

It’s difficult for a rocket scientist to value someone who believes you should throw all of your books away.  It’s difficult for someone who is deemed brilliant, to be in a relationship with someone who blatantly makes bad decisions on a daily basis… There’s a disconnect there, that will keep you frustrated..  The brilliant one will continue to attempt to make the less intelligent soul more intelligent, and the less intelligent soul will continue to tell the brilliant soul they they expect too much from them.  When a person doesn’t value truly important things that you value like success or real love, it will leave you frustrated. A battle occurs that removes the focus from what’s important, the love…

Therefore in order to love someone where they are at, you must date another brilliant person who takes pride in making decisions that are conducive towards the progression of their life’s mission AND values you. THAT is the kind of person you respect, and are able to appreciate. Stop aiming for less because society told you that you want too much. They want too little and constantly accept less, and it still doesn’t make them happy. That’s the problem. You must go for what you want.

4. You can’t sell Rolls Royce’s while being dressed like a used car salesman.  Wealth has appearance when it’s flossing buying power. There is an image that goes with that. The value system must be in alignment. They trust what looks like them…

You can’t hop on camera saying your life coaching service costs $4K+ and you’re looking like $2. When you ask for big money, you need to look like big money. Otherwise you attract the basics who don’t place value in your service. Top notch looks for top notch sparkle. They want to go up. If they wanted to be basic it would take ZERO effort. Basic is them going to the bathroom daily. Everything else, they put EFFORT into it. They respect other people who put in effort. The people at the top are those who want the best of the best.  Present yourself as the best and you will attract the best.

5. You’re not showing up or speaking your truths because you fear people talking about you. But guess what? NONE of it matters. What God has for you on the other side is 10 TIMES greater than what you are leaving behind. It’s better to be talked about by those who were left behind and praised by those who are walking in prosperous glory next to you. Which way do you want to go? Up or down.. CHOOSE one. Make a DECISION. HEAL yourself and stop caring what they think. Its’ a waste of your time.

P.S. They talked about Jesus. What makes you think they won’t talk about you?

I’ll leave you with this…

stand up and rise to your power