Your Fans & Followers Won’t Accept Your Fake Azz and They’re Not Supposed To

by | Confidence & Self-Love

You’re fake AF.  You’ve been fake, ever since you lost your fake azz position.   You know, the one God took from you, so that you could learn to do better, be better and ask for more.     He gave you want you wanted. After all, aren’t you the one who just knew it was time for you to BE, DO and HAVE more?

What were you doing though, in order to expand yourself? Nothing. You kept waking up every day, going about things the same ole way. In fact, if you weren’t fired or that job snatched from under you, you still be there miserable AF, pretending to be happy because you make 6 figures…. Knowing the whole time, you wanted to OWN YOUR BUSINESS.

And lets not talk about those who actually OWNED a business that just wasn’t going the way you wanted, no matter how hard you worked, so you lost gratitude and it was downhill from there.

Back to you who got fired on your day off.  You couldn’t see that God was looking out for your best interests.

So you got depressed, started to feel unworthy, doubted yourself, went into lack, worry, imposter syndrome, depression and everything other than THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER.

You’re so plucking fake. That’s why your fans and followers are lukewarm and really don’t like you. How are they supposed to accept this fake azz version of you, when they already know you are the truth.

You really thought you lost something. But the truth is you found yourself.

Now dust your shoulders off. Get out there and be confident.  No matter what happens to you, DON’T YOU EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, doubt your greatness or give up on yourself again.

Written with Love,