There’s nothing you can do to stop a man who wants you, from being with you

by | Love & Relationships

💞 There’s nothing you can do to stop a man who wants you from being with you. I promise you that man is going to do what it takes. He’s consistent. All the rest will show up weak, like lost sheep.

Men who know what they want have such strong will that I’ve seen myself intentionally manipulating them in order to push them away. Cause it’s hard to get from underneath a great man’s power once you’re in his web. This is why you have to be a gate keeper and only allow in men who qualify.


🦋 1. What are the top 3 qualities a man must display to even get on your roster or enter your dating vortex? These qualities of his serve YOU.

🦋 2. Feelings are important, many dating coaches tell you to dismiss feelings, and you end up with someone who is NICE, that you’re not feeling, but he’s good on paper. If Mr. Paper doesn’t turn you on, that’s not what’s up. This describes most basic relationships. God ordained relationships have feelings involved, just like the lusty ones. They are EXCITING. The ENERGY of the relationship is of upmost importance.

🦋 3. If a man doesn’t make you feel like a teen girl again and doesn’t have any power over you, that relationship won’t work out. You are looking for that FEELING, that causes surrender. That’s what you’re searching for. You will only get it by sticking to number one and making sure he checks off on those 3 qualities.

When you jump in a brand new whip you get feelings right? So why the heck would you think relationships are any different. The beginning of relationships are fun and explosive. It’s the driving force.

So men, don’t be the slow, lame azz dude okay. That makes vaginas dry out fast af. Don’t tell her you’re not spending money on her. That ain’t cute. Be the man of her dreams. He tells her that she can have whatever she likes. Don’t force her to pick another man over you.

💐 Women LOVE butterflies okay. She’s phucking obsessed with them. Give her some darn butterflies. Inside of every woman is a little girl. She likes candy, flowers, pretty things, and she likes hanging out with daddy. She loves when daddy talks to her, takes her places and shows her new things. She loves her daddy.

Let your presence be a present by feeding her mind. It’s all pretty simple. Have fun! Life is fun. Love is fun.