The Fastest Way To Get A Man’s Attention Is Through His Head – But That’s Not How You Keep Him

by | Love & Relationships

The level up movement has women so off-track that many don’t know how to get or keep a man.

Saw this picture on social media this morning and thought to myself, this is interesting.

Interesting because a man sent me the picture. So obviously it captured his eyes.

I could write out a long blog, but not today.

The meme breakdown:

It’s easy to acquire the attention of a male online, whose thoughts mostly concern his next orgasm with an easily available, unawakened woman. He is mostly concerned about his smaller head, located in the lower region of his body.

What actually garners the respect, admiration and continued attention of a man who thinks with his mind and is focused on building a legacy, is a woman who uses her brain.

Men love to please their woman and women in general. However it will please a man with a plan a lot more if you would actually feed the man a hot meal that you cooked. Even a sandwich would of been better than him working 12 hours and all his woman has too offer him when he get home is some hot twat. (Unless he doesn’t pay bills, then he’s lucky to even get that.)

But for a provider man, even a sandwich would’ve been a great side to go with the meal.

That’s how you KEEP a man.