Most Women Are Okay With Not Being A Man’s Dream Mate, As Long As Money Is Involved

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Saw this post of one of my male Facebook friends, and reading the comments wasn’t surprising at all.

“QUESTION: Ladies… Would You Marry Your Soul Mate Without A Ring & A Wedding? He Says Let’s Go The Courthouse To Get Married Privately, Take This Ring & Wedding Money And Buy Two 3-Flat Buildings.”

Of course most of the women said they would happily take the offer.

When it comes to relationships, most women will take anything other than their dream, as long as money is involved. ~ Kissy Denise 

No ring, no wedding, but at least he’ll give her property. 

Not every woman came to have it all.  

In fact, most women are okay with not being a man’s dream woman, as long as money is involved.

Offer her $100,000 in leu of a ring, or wedding, and she’s happy with that.

Heck, a majority of women would be happy to also not get the $100,000, nor a ring, nor a wedding and simply be happy with making it official at the courthouse.

Some women actually don’t care about a big wedding, it wasn’t their dream. So when they get married at the courthouse they are simply doing what their soul authentically desires to do.

One thing for certain, soulmates give you what you want.


The bigger issue I see with this, is, many men are quick to call the woman who knows what she wants, a gold digger. But what do you call the woman who is willing to throw her dreams in the trash for whatever financial rewards she’ll reap from a man?

Somehow, men call that LOVE.

I love the women who said NO, to the question, because they came to have it all. Self-love is real love.

Lastly, one thing I know about REAL high value men is that when he meets his dream woman, he doesn’t want her to take any shorts. He actually wants her to have it all.  Ask me how I know.