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First off, if you’re not following me on ALL of my social media profiles, YOU ARE TRIPPING.  My mind is vast with knowledge and I need to drop it all over the place and spread it to my 99 different tribes. So depending on which page you’re on, you’ll learn something different. 

Yesterday we had a very interesting discussion on my personal profile full of enlightened souls. 

Don’t mind the low amount of likes.  People pay me LOTS of attention. They stalk me. Sometimes they just don’t click LIKE because I am beautiful, powerful, magnetic, brilliant and they want to be just like me, and haven’t came to terms with me being their leader.  Therefore they don’t want me to know that I inspire them. This happens when you refuse to put distance between you and your followers.  You can’t build a truly influential brand being Jesus.  The new Jesus would have to be a celebrity in this world. (That’s A LOT of game I just gave you beautiful, brilliant, business-minded women.)

Anyway, in the comments, a very interesting thread took place.  (Some really AMAZING people follow me.)

Here is the thread. happy wife happy life

I meet A LOT of men like Paul. Men like Paul are EXTREMELY knowledgeable in business and provide for their families. They also have successful relationships that don’t involve their wives being a servant maid slave. 

I prefer a man like that. One who simply wants me to BE HAPPY.  In my opinion, it seems a man would be smart to treat a boss chick that way. After all, she’s going to work regardless.  The happier she is, the more money she’ll make. 

But instead of thinking that way, men go after 50/50 relationships, drain women for their life force and only get HALF of what God has for him. So then that relationship ends, then he starts the next one with a woman he truly wants to see happy, and he DECIDES to PROVIDE for her.  That’s when his life changes. 

Anyway, chilllllllllllllllllllle. As you can see my MIND was like “If I ever get a man who both cooks and pays bills, WE ARE NEVER EVER BREAKING UP!”  I mean that with my whole heart and soul. No matter what he says I’ll just keep directing him back to a seat until we figure it out. 😂 No divorce!

I’ll be out here turning into Toni Braxton, busting notes.  I wish a bish would try to snatch my man!! Last name will never change. 🤣  (This morning I told Toni to put PLEASE on Tik Tok. Hopefully she listens, cause, Kissy is a genius.

You know what though? Life isn’t about IF. It’s about DECIDING. So I’ve DECIDED that I am getting me a HUSBAND who both cooks and pays bills.   LOOK AT GOD!  Won’t He Do It!

I’ll be happy cooking for such a man, as he would delight my soul, and allow me to fully be me in his presence. 

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