On Top of Money, Here is What Makes A Man Awesome

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Having money or not having money doesn’t make you an awesome man. What makes you awesome is WHAT YOU DO WITH THE MONEY.

For example: When I was 16, living in the projects my boyfriend would buy me Quarter Pounder with Cheese value meals from McDonald’s and give me a little money… When I was 17 my baby daddy would get my hair and nails done and take me shopping for clothes. He would even surprise me with new Nikes.

When I was 19, I met a 33-year old girl. He came to pick me up in his drop top BMW (The dudes in the projects were like “Woah. That n*gga is riding on a HOUSE. 🤷🏼‍♀️) I didn’t have a car at the time, and needed to go to Walmart to get my baby some diapers and household stuff. (My BD was ALWAYS terrible, but this isn’t about that or him. Back then I bought my baby daddy a car before I even bought myself a car, because he had a license and I didn’t. I also made more money than him, cause I was AT IT from day one, and had pretty good jobs.)

Anyway, when we got to Walmart he said “What are you going to buy? I said “A box of popsicles for my son.” It was summertime. That man gave me $100 to buy popsicles!!!!

After that I would meet a succession of older men who provided but I never liked those men. I always cursed them out and talked crazy to them. Then again I did the same thing to my boyfriend’s.. The money they were giving me just wasn’t ENOUGH plus I had my own.

The point being is I met REAL MEN fairly early, but they were mostly older… As I went on, I mostly only cared about LOVE. I didn’t mind going 50/50 or even 80/30 with me doing the 80.

I would go on to waste YEARS/DECADES of my life with b.s. men who had me phucked up. If your man isn’t paying your bills he’s got you phucked up. If he’s not paying your bills and cheating on you too, HE REALLY GOT YOU PHUCKED UP!

Anyway, my life now is a RESULT of DECIDING to change once I started making 6 Figures and saw a soulmate relationship end. Although I dumped my last boyfriend, I didn’t take any pride in that. I was heartbroken and wondered how did it get there.

That’s when I started on the path of femininity and got a femininity coach. The way she taught me about MYSELF and softness with men changed everything. The other parts about men I always knew cause I always had game and a GIFT to nurture love.

I only became a coach to help people in the black community have better relationships. I thought that if people had access to the info that they would change.

i had no clue that our people just love to TALK about relationships, but not interested in INVESTING to get the knowledge.

I also realize becoming a divine feminine woman can only be down through interactions with divine feminine woman. Women these days are so catty and jealous that they follow everything MEN say and never get shifted cause they didn’t invest their time with the right WOMAN.

I don’t have to chase men online or be all up in their comments like some women, vying for attention, trying to hard to build a brand by agreeing with anything MEN say while hating on dope chicks like Kissy who you really want to be.

Anyway, that’s my journey. I actually have HUNDREDS of testimonials from clients getting engaged, married, improving their relationship, clients making money on social media for the first time and clients literally manifesting a million dollars in less than 30 Days. I have a ton of cool stories about lives I’ve changed. This work is pretty fun for me….