You Can’t Do Enough For A Man Who Can’t SEE You

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Without vision, the people will perish. ~ Proverbs 29:18

Most of the things I’ve learned about relationships came from my own experiences. I am not copying anyone’s path. I am actually living experiences, gathering data, analyzing, comparing and coming to a great understanding about life. That’s on top of all of the research and clients whose problems that I help solve.

Therefore I speak the truth.  But the masses don’t like truth. They like HD High Resolution delusions. Therefore they are on a constant path of never actually capturing the truth.  The truth is the only thing that’s real in this world. The truth is LOVE.  Only people who love you will tell you the truth. Because they want you to get better.

To get better, you must always go within and blame self. See how you are causing your own problems. Everything is really a reflection of yourself.

I started out my life in the projects. When I went to school, people judged me for that. I wore their judgements on me. Yet, I’ve had a sense of awareness ever since I was 2-years-old.  I am a light, born into the dark.   I understand the darkness and I understand the light.

Because of that, most of my journey has been about bringing others who are in the darkness, into the light.

You know what I’ve learned? It’s like pulling teeth and nails.  People in the dark fight to stay there.  The light isn’t real to them. What’s real to them is their pain and their trauma. They wear it as a badge of honor.  They like complaining, They really don’t want help or real change that we call SOLUTIONS.

You know who actually gets help? The spiritual people. The people who go towards the light.

There are some highly enlightened people in this world. Most of them were not born into the darkness. They have very little understanding of the darkness.   And you know what? There is no need for them to. People in the darkness, don’t focus on them. They never find them.

I used to feel so much pressure on my shoulders to wake people up. How could I not, as one of the top bloggers in the world, who actually posts content that affects humans, and not just content to entertain the masses. I see real human life and suffering.

But suffering is a choice. I learned that the hard way through my own suffering.  Whenever you decide to stop suffering, it stops. You get whatever you CHOOSE to focus on. If you focus on the dark, you’ll see more of it. If you focusing on loving yourself, you’ll attract people of the opposite sex who love you.

Whenever you decide to be rich, you’re rich.  Everything is about a decision in life.

Some in this world, choose to see people through the eyes of light and love.  Those people can see into the very depths of a person’s soul.

Others are still in this world, climbing over others, snatching whatever they can to win in life.  Those people believe they HAVE to do this, or they HAVE to do that, in order to make money.  Those are the lost people, who are also CHOOSING to see life the way they do.

So when a woman pops up in a lost man’s life, even if he is successful, conscious, and feeling like he’s walking in his purpose, he wouldn’t be able to see a woman of light, because his eyes are blinded by material gain, and the glitter of the multiple women in the world. He could have his soulmate in his face and not be able to see her.

believing in a man is not enough

A man could meet this soulmate and be like “let’s be friends first. Let’s be friends for 2 years and let’s keep being friends until you show up perfect. Then once you show up perfect, THEN maybe i’ll think about a relationship. THEN maybe i’ll think about marriage.    Such men ruin their own lives, because the only women who tend to show up perfect ENOUGH are the women who truly don’t give af about them.  Those women lack emotional connection to such men and keep the men chasing, no matter what she does. They are both mirroring one another. 

Meanwhile, plenty of women will follow the advice of such a man, because HE’S a man.  Women will follow just about anything a man says about relationships. I’m surprised that more men don’t claim that space, cause they’d make loads of money, even if he really has no idea how to maintain a truly healthy relationship.  And women who follow such men, continue to stay in the dark for the rest of their lives.

Only spiritual people can truly and deeply tell you about your patterns and traumas that truly cause you your own problems. WHY? Because those are the people who refused to settle for less and actually set upon figuring life out.

For instance, look at these two enlightened posts.

As you can see, Kenza sees the TRUE problems, that pervade women.   She keeps it real.  So because she keeps it real people would believe her to be angry or bitter.  Because she keeps it real, she attracts women with problems, and not women who want to FIX their problems.   Broken people will keep following her, without having the sense to inbox her and ask her how they can get help in relationships from her.

Because she CHOOSES to be single, a person would believe that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

These are the two things that also keep the people in the light, who actually do seek help, from being attracted to her. People in the light HATE negativity with a passion. It triggers us.   But those of us with the highest consciousness, who came from the dark, still know the TRUTH, that society lives in. When people only know fake, they hate the real. Yet, it’s the real ones who can snatch you awake and change your 30 year pattern.  The ones born into light, can lead you to the light, but it’s a long azz process with them.  Someone like Kenza will be like “Listen Sis, bam, bam, bam!” Then you’re woke.

Meanwhile as she posts,  the men who are in the LIGHT, then judge us for our truths, and believe us to be bitter, broken and blah, blah, blah  It’s none of that. It’s simply healing for women in the dark. Even a lot of women perceive the posts to be negative.

But women in the dark choose to be there, by not helping themselves.  Women in the dark will never FEEL good enough, which is why they attract men who tell them they aren’t enough or make them feel like they aren’t enough. All because they CHOOSE to entertain his imperfections… Meanwhile he constantly tells her that SHE is not perfect. 😂😅

You won’t stop TRYING to prove yourself to men or EFFORT your way with men, until you’re fully in the light. It’s a process. Until then you’ll keep having problems with men.  Dream man shows up, when YOU show up. 

Therefore the process is a must.  Cause only men who are fully in the light, can see the light of a glorious woman. But first you have to FULLY see yourself.

If any light worker is reading this post, the lesson here is, there is ZERO point of focusing on people in the dark.  While yes you can wake a few handfuls of a few hundred or even thousands of them up, to do so and focus on them is simply another form of self-sacrifice.   That’s why reality tv and ENTERTAINMENT is most popular amongst them.

People who seek knowledge, will simply find their way. Bask in the true JOY of your heart, where you belong. It’s not up to you to wake them up. You are called to help the people who are on the path.

The time on Goddess Unleashed says you have 15 hours left to join.  So if you are a GODDESS and you are tired of the b.s. and you want healing to walk into the light and attract a GOD, it’s time to buy into a new,, more pleasurable frequency, where men make YOU feel good.

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