Instead of moving on from people who obviously can’t see us. We focus on that little pinch of light, thinking we can change people. Thinking we can shift their perspective and help them see us. You want them to see because you think they deserve you. Which they don’t. For if THEY thought they deserved YOU. They would do the work to keep up with you. Or at the least they would be nice to you, and appreciate you for all that you do. Because you most certainly put your money where your mouth is and go above and beyond just kind words.  Those same kind words that are music to their ears when it comes from someone else. 

Narcissists live in their own fears. You try to pull them out. But that’s not what they want. They want to be SAFE.  Safe doing things their way, which is usually the unrighteous way.  Not that you’re super righteous yourself, but you do try and intend to do right by people. I mean you truly do, do the best you can.

So maybe it’s time for you to look in the mirror. Look deep into your soul. Take note of your heart. Factor in the kind of person you are, and just how awesome you are to your mate. Now tell me what do YOU deserve. Don’t you think that it is YOU who deserves an amazing mate?

Yes. I believe so. I believe you have arrived. #LevelUp