You can’t have what you want when you’re not being you

by | Business, The Journey

God & Goddess Life isn’t for everyone. It has to be in you, not on you. You really do have to play chess and not checkers. You can’t be out here making basic mistakes. Common sense is a must. Either you’re a mortal or you’re a God or a Goddess. I suppose you could choose, but there really is no other option. You are who you are, as you were chosen to be these things. That part of the choice was never yours. But you can make a choice to either accept it or run from it. CHOOSE.

You can keep trying to run to fit in, where you don’t belong. Pretending to be a bird, being fed grains… Knowing damn well you’re an eagle with keen VISION, that swoops with zero delay. Or you can seriously get tired of hearing that same sad song. Why not change it to a harp. Yeah, I know. That feels better already. 🎼 It’s music to your soul.

See what I mean. It’s sitting there in you. You already know. You’ve always known, that you should pick up your mat, and walk. Accept your divine position and bring your life to peace. Resistance is futile. It will only cause disharmony within your soul. ORDER.

I know they told you that we’re all alike. That no one is better. So you conform and try to fit in, with them. Which is why that feeling is running through your arms right now. That feeling of tiredness and suppression, RUN…NING through your veins. Tired of not having what you want.

Well of course you can’t have what you want, when you’re not being you darling. YOU.. The one with massive success. The one with the business with thousands of satisfied clients. Who is that person? Why are you not being them? Why are you trying to run your business like the next person, instead of doing YOU? Why not decide right now and say “Phuck It. I’m simply going to BE.” I could say “Simply going to be ME.” But let me tell you. That ME part is where you get all twisted. It’s EGO. Cancel that and simply BE. Then you will SEE your hearts desires manifest in front of you. EXPANSION.