I have a confession.  I love having my own money. Financial independence is really big for me. In fact it’s like everything. That and love. I need them both like I need air to breathe.  They are must haves.

So in the past I kind of just a tad-bit neglected my relationships. Making money was always more important. Sure I’d hang with people, buy them nice gifts randomly, and give people words of affirmations, but that wasn’t enough. 

People wanted my time. They wanted me to be present. They didn’t really care about my money or my gifts.  The man I had wanted me to respect him.  But I only did it sometimes because he didn’t respect himself. I’d seen him allow lesser women to rob him blind, and talk crazy to him in front of me. And lawd knows it took every ounce of me calling in divine barbie who doesn’t want to break her nails, to stop me from raveling up a bishes hair and pounding her head into the wall.  But hey, he stood that smiling the whole time he was being emasculated by a basic bish who got her first pair of knock off red bottoms.

So for such a man to get chewed out by a basic b*tch too many and then turn around trying to not respect the Queen that I am, needless to say Dude had me phucked up.  I’m not the kind of woman you come at with any lack of respect. Cause I will chop a man down to pieces and send him running home crying to his mama. Well I used to. I decided to stop emasculating 99.9% of men, even when they get on my nerves. However I did tell a man this morning to get his broke azz out of my inbox. He said he wanted to be my sugar daddy.  He also inboxes my female clients pestering them. So I had to put an end to it. 

Richard pest

Anyway, back to this story, of being Miss soooooo Independent.  I’m out here making 350k+ a year sitting on my living room couch and enlightening people along the way.  I create. Meanwhile I had a man who reported to another man for work, talking crazy to me, failing to appreciate me.  Common sense says that’s a recipe for disaster. Not to mention I’m Kissy mthfkn Denise. A ninja had better bow down and respect the crown or keep it moving.

So anyway, I stopped emasculating 99.99% of men like I said. But the other day one of my male friend said to me “Kissy you need to read your own blogs! Do you read want you write?” 😮

Girl, No he didn’t right! But he did.  Of course I don’t read my own blogs. I just get on here and start typing. I really don’t even give AF, about making sure my periods and commas and in perfect alignment.  That’s also the thing about being connected to source and being in your purpose. Things just flow. 

He goes on to tell me that I block him from being a man by not allowing him to help me more. He said “Didn’t you just write an article, saying that a woman has to allow a man to help her?”

That man yanked me so hard back into reality. He ended up doing some bonus stuff for me, so that he could ultimately do some more bonus stuff for me. And my confession is that he had to almost force me to accept his help. He also reminds me to stand in my power and cheers me on in my business. 

Meanwhile other men be like “Kissy, I want to phuck you,” and ain’t spent one dollar. It’s so easy to get caught up in those men who will treat you like a slut, rush to stick his d*ck in you and not value you.

This is why I tell women to eliminate all non bill payers from your life.  Those guys will have you continue to operate in masculine energy. They will have you sitting around them paying for your own stuff, because you don’t want to inconvenience him with spending money on you, while you give him a blowjob later. Cause your sex is free. It ain’t worth nothing and provides no value.

That’s the message that keeps getting delivered to your subconscious. Meanwhile other women have men spoiling them, valuing them and balling out on them. 

You won’t be treated like those other women as long as you operate in masculine energy. 

Remember you always have a choice on what you allow into your life. You can reject anything and anyone at anytime.

You need men who remind you that you can trust them and depend on them. It’s okay to allow men and people in general to help you. You gotta learn how to receive. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Surrender to God and he’ll send you a man who you can surrender to.  That man will also help you.