A basic b*tch can marry any man and be a relationship coach

by | Love & Relationships

If I were a basic bish I’d marry any man. Then say I’m a relationship coach. Women marry the most basic of men who don’t provide, then suddenly they are a relationship coach.

That’s fine, but I’m here to tell you that if you want an amazing man you gotta be patient and do the work.

When you know you’re not the kind of woman who is simply going to settle down with any man just because he’s nice to you or just because he has money, then you gotta know what you’re in for.  Many times women with super high standards who go for their dream life and refuse to settle don’t realize that deeper work needs to be done on herself. It’s part of the journey. You were programmed to not want a basic man. You want to experience surrender and only a divine man has the codes to get you to surrender to him. 

You gotta heal yourself enough to attract a divine King. Not only that but you gotta attract the one with the codes to unlock your soul. It’s like trying to find two needles in a haystack and put them together. Totally not impossible, but definitely a lot of work. 

You can’t help a man access greater levels of his kingdom when you’re wounded and not willing to unravel the pain. For many women you are wounded without even knowing it.  Healing means you start to understand yourself, your pattern, and why you behave in a certain manner. 

Then you remove those traits you picked up along the way, and replace them with who you truly are.  Which is a sweet, feminine woman. You also have to reinsert your truth back in. The truth that you probably walked away from because it wasn’t pleasing to average ears. 

Relationships are easy. It’s just communication when you get two dope people together. The problem is bringing two dope people together with matching goals, mindset and belief systems.
This requires healing on behalf of both parties on top of healing of the energetic frequency. 
Healing the frequency is what most high powered women need to do. It’s the reason why do many successful women and Christian women can’t seem to attract a divine King. 

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