B**tch, they lied to you when they told you that you could do it all on your own

by | Love & Relationships

First of all, you’re not a b*tch.  When men call you that, they take you for a joke. But don’t mind them.  I just want you to know that a man who can see your light, calls you QUEEN or in your divinity as a GODDESS.

I use the word “Bish, as a way of being loud. It’s more like an expression to listen up.   Or like the other day when my girl did my hair, and turned me around to the mirror I was like “Biiiiiiish!” We laughed so hard. But I wasn’t calling her a biiiish. She slayed my hair so hard, I just had to be extra.

I just wanted you to know that some men can truly see you at different levels.

But on to that blog post that you came here for.  Separation isn’t what’s up.

The most insane thing you can do to YOURSELF in this world is think that you can make it without a team.

The past few weeks I’ve been spending more time talking to my two best female friends.  One of them, the other day she was gambling on the craps table and she would tell me what number she wanted to hit, then my mind would align with hers and she would hit it, back to back, to back.   This only served to remind me of the power of our union.

I have another friend who we always somehow manage to be aligned.

Between these two women I often am in shock at how I’ve managed to find such beautiful, amazing, talented friends who truly love me and pour into me.

I’ve also looked around at the army of men who pour into me.  Not to mention, I stay praying and asking God for things.

But when I show up on social media I look like a one man team.  I indeed did do 90% of the work all by myself, but it’s that extra 10% that pushes you over the edge.

Now, I don’t have a man at the moment. But what I do have are divine men who stand in that space for me.

So Sis, whoever told you that you could do this on your own, lied to you.

It takes A LOT to raise a Goddess. I attract thousands of people who love me and believe in my mission to heal the world. And they actually help me.

Please HEAL, and get yourself a King and some good female friends.   Don’t feed into the cattiness clause.  There are women who generally want to see you win.

Don’t sit around feeling like you don’t need a man. You do need a man. Except you need a special kind of man, and chances are, he needs you to heal and return to self.

This special kind of man has heart. He’s the one that won’t call you out of your name. He’s the one who doesn’t refer to you as a b*tch.   Men call women b*tches when they are not doing a good job of capturing her heart.