PETTY! Naomi Campbell Sued for $3 Million By Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend Vladislav Doronin

by | Celebrity News

She got the bag and now he’s mad.

Naomi Campbell, 50,  must’ve pissed off her ex-boyfriend pretty badly. He’s suing her and being petty AF.

Vladislav Doronin, 57, a Russion billionaire who gave Naomi her own island and doted on her with massive gifts and yacht trips is now suing his supermodel ex for $3 Million in unreturned property and outstanding loans, according to legal documents seen by TMZ show.

Speaking to Times Weekend magazine, Naomi said that she is on good terms with all her previous ex-boyfriends, but admitted she isn’t friends with her ‘last’ ex.

Discussing who she has dated, she said: ‘Why don’t you say it the other way round? Surely it was their privilege just as much as mine to be with them? But yes, I had some wild and exciting times until I changed my life age 29.

‘Whatever they say about me, I have remained friends with all my exes… except the last one.’

Kissy's Thoughts

First of all, you don’t take LOANS from anyone you’re giving p*ssy to. One of my rich male friends taught me that. He said “Never let a man get over on you like that.”

Secondly, Naomi needs to call that man, soothe his soul, and ask for some more money. Surely he doesn’t need a petty $3 Million. Then again I get it. I borrowed a woman a book, BOUGHT her that same book, so she could have her own copy, and she still never gave me my book back. I don’t hold grudges against people. But I will never again be friends with someone who took a book from me. Books are like my babies.  Wonder what Naomi has of his???