Stop hanging out with men who don’t break bread. There is a reason you’re not attracted to him.

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Let me tell you how to change your life and save you YEARS of time from dealing with a man who is or would rob you of your beauty, energy, self-esteem, confidence and everything else.

Yo. Stop hanging out with men who don’t break bread. There is a reason you’re not attracted to him.

9/10 He’s short.
You’re not PHYSICALLY attracted to him
That dude NEVER talks about matters of the heart.
Chances are he tells you to BE LESS.

God doesn’t want you with him. That’s why he’s not giving you money. YES, he is stupid.  Would you break bread on YOU, if you were a man? Aren’t you a keeper?

broke men

Call it gold digging. Call it what you like. Just know that MEN WHO DON’T SPEND MONEY ON YOU, AIN’T SH*T.

And I’m not talking dinner. Of course he’ll spend $200 on dinner to eat with a beautiful woman. I am talking handing you cash.

Cause guess what I noticed? Handsome, tall men, will hand you money. Those men are SMART. They value themselves. Therefore they value women. That’s why they have their appearance together. THAT is the kind of man you need to be around. His frequency is high. He makes you happy. He WANTS to make you happy.

Unattractive men rob women of their life force. Not being attracted to a man is a sign as plain as day.  Admit it, you’re disgusted by the lil short, inadequate dude who has no value for love, chases beautiful women, acts like a groupie when he’s around you, trying to sneak pictures and sh*t.   He ain’t sh*t. Stop feeling guilty about feeling that way about him. Ask him for some dough, let him tell you NO, and get rid of his dusty azz.

Look at his appearance for what it is. Don’t cut him any slack. Either he breaks bread or he remains unattractive.  Cause he surely judges you 100% by your appearance. Even dusty dudes do it. They chase beautiful women while swearing beauty isn’t what they are chasing. Opt out of their b.s. storylines.

Listen ya’ll. I have been in the house working on building my business for 2 years. During that time I was FOCUSED. I wasn’t thinking about no man.  But now I have TIME.  Let me tell you something…. Men are running up on me to HAND me money.  Not just white men, but cute, YOUNG, black men too.  It’s all frequency.

You WILL NOT get what you want out of life by dealing with 50/50 men under any circumstances.   I am writing this post from the bottom of my heart, to save you.

You will not get what you want out of life, without a KING and a TEAM. Kings take care of their Queens darling. If he runs up on you and he’s not trying to cut the check, he ain’t your King.  All he comes with is raggedy ding-a-ling. Which is why you don’t like phucking him in the first place.  See, you feel all these kinds of ways, but you try to DENY YOUR OWN FEELINGS, for the sake of SOCIETY.

Here’s a random video I found.. Check it out.

Also do yourself another favor and stop listening to masculine b*shes who keep telling you about getting your own money. You need your own money plus HIS too. That’s the way this sh*t goes. Men who don’t break bread on you are embarrassments. Your vagina is not a free ATM for him to stick his d*ck in and you receive nothing in return.

Listen to me when I tell you that YOU ARE NOT a portable mattress that allows a man to dumb his semen in you and run off. GROSS is a woman who doesn’t value her body. Gross is a woman who hangs out with men who don’t break bread. These men need to break bread simply for hanging with them.

If you don’t have my book YOU CAN’T FORCE A MAN TO VALUE YOU, BECOMING A HIGH VALUE WOMAN & ATTRACTING YOUR DREAM MAN, Then b*sh it’s time to INVEST in yourself. Cause smart men do not invest in women who don’t invest in themselves.

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