A few nights ago I was in downtown Las Vegas walking with a group of friends to see the sights. As we were walking we passed a bus stop full of people. I did notice a group of people on the left of the bench. They seemed to come from a hood environment.

As we get to the corner to wait on the light to cross the street one girl from the group comes running up to me. I had on a one piece light tan colored lycra romper and I thought she was about to tell me that there was a spot, a stain, some dirt or something on my outfit. But no. She said something else to me. As me and another girl looked at her to hear what it is she wanted. It’s interesting how many thoughts go through your head and how fast they move. As it would seem that thought would’ve taken a minute, or that there would be a pause in the conversation. But no, it moved rapid. She said “Excuse me. You are so pretty, and my cousins bet me that I couldn’t get a hug from you. So you gotta give me a hug, cause I told them you would give me a hug.” I thought that was so sweet. The girl with me didn’t know anything about me. She goes “WOW. You’re like a Celebrity.”

Now this is where I live in a different realm. Even though I know my outer beauty often attracts people, I’ve also seen people run up on me when I thought I looked a hot mess and they still think I’m beautiful. What happened with that girl, has happened many other times. It’s the LIGHT. The light attracts my tribe. Even when they are unconscious they can still sense me. They may not know why they are sensing me, but they are still pulled to act on it.

I’m one of those people who strangers sit down next to me and tell me their whole life story. Of course they walk away with a whole new perspective and glad to have met me. They get healing without even realizing what’s happening.

So here is where you come in at. My light is my light wherever I go. I’m still the same light rather people know that I have 500,000 followers or not. I’m a star where ever I go. Not because I say I am, but it’s simply who I AM.  This even works when I’m in the building with celebrities. Celebrities walk up to me and introduce themself. They want to know who I AM.

Every day I am simply being myself. When you first become a life coach, you experience lots of self-doubt, because everything is now connected to you proving that you can help others. You forget that simply BEING you is actually where the real power lies. Nobody can ever say they didn’t benefit from being around me or being on a call with me. My presence shifts people and gives them joy. I don’t have to DO anything. Money shows up for me now without great effort.

This is where part of your confusion lies. You think you have to be something outside of yourself. But you don’t. Most of the work you do for your clients is in your BEING when you’re a lightworker. Nobody before me was able to give my clients that great shift I give them. And many of those people have been coaching for decades and years, vs me who is the newbie. WHY? Because I have my own special gifting. No one else can do what I can do. There is something about you that works the same way. This is ultimately what you are looking for. You’re running around chasing enoughness, instead of understanding you already have it. Your people see you. Your tribe recognizes you. All you gotta do is show up and ask to be paid.

Not to mention we’ve been healing people since before we even knew what we were doing, because it’s programmed in us. And our people are programmed to find us and recognize us.

This is some million dollar game that no one ever gave me.