When men online tell me that I’m not going to get what I want from a man, I usually flash into the income of the men I deal with. They don’t operate in scarcity. They know a woman needs to be provided for in order to feel secure and trust his leadership. They usually tell me “Kissy you’re a Goddess. Everyone should pay you. They should pay you just for the posts you write. Any man who isn’t paying you shouldn’t have access to you.”

See I deal with men on a different level. They can SEE me. They also have boss bank accounts. You see men who have worked really hard in life in every area, after a while they learn the hard way. Kissy is one of a kind, you’re not going to find another Kissy. You’d be smart to pay the Queen. It’s a blessing to be in her presence.

See other men with lesser bank accounts and lesser mindset will think these men are weak. But these men have money. Trust me they can find women who look better than me. They could even find women who may initially appear smarter than me. But the dope azz combination that I am as a woman and a human can not be found in another woman. There is only one Kissy.

You see I deal with people who love me and celebrate me. They OFFER to provide for me. I don’t have to demand it. They are HAPPY to provide for me. To other men the word PROVIDE signals that a woman is asking for too much.  So that’s how they end up in bad relationships.  

Many people deal with people who simply tolerate you. So you’re used to people who have no desire to uplift you and give you their all. This has become normal to you. 

Many women often think men are the prize. But in real life I think any man who isn’t smart enough to make an effort to wife me up simply isn’t that bright.

Now some may even say that’s ego. But I know it’s not because I know myself, my heart, my capabilities and what I bring to the table. The men who like me know it too. They are bored with basic bishes. They are bored with loveless relationships. Just as much as women want something real, men want something real too. Half of you men can’t even find a woman who cares about you past your money. Which is why you don’t spend it. Your own fears actually keep you stuck with basic bishes.

Even though I’m developed AF, and I tell average men that good hearted women like me who are also brilliant and look good af, ain’t playing no games, many people don’t get it. We did the work and now want equals. Not only that we want God Kings. 

I notice that most men are accustomed to beautiful women who don’t measure up . So they can’t even begin to understand one like me who is going to cause him to step his game up so freaking far, that the remembers the King he is and what he came here to do. Which is take over and get 8 figures.  

Average men aren’t even familiar with the dopeness of a Kissy. WHY? Because they’ve never seen anything like me and they are not of my tribe. So they can’t see me or recognize who I AM… Therefore they would be silly enough to try to treat me like the girl next door.  They will get mad at me simply for saying I want a rich man. They believe it’s a crime to desire a man with a certain mindset. And guess what? Kissy already understands this. She’s 10 steps ahead of basic men. Kissy knows herself and who she is. 

Men need to understand that you will never be a King as long as another man can come in and 5 minutes later he’s already giving your woman more than you, cause you simply never actually gave her your whole heart, soul and gave her everything you got. Cause if you did, and you picked the right woman, she would never leave you for another man. But instead you’re walking around fearing love. You anticipate the pain of it all, cause deep down you know you ain’t doing enough to connect with the right one. You lost your own damn dream in the process and now you’re living out someone else’s. I don’t deal with such types. I get men who go so hard that when another man steps to me I’m like “Boy Bye! My man has all of that covered.”  It’s so hard for another man outside of my man to impress me with how he talks to me. 

I know this because even though I broke up with my last 2 exes, I did not leave them for another man. They simply weren’t that easily replaceable.  Men in my past tried their best with me.  I simply require a man whose best means he wants every part of his life to be good. He refuses to settle for average. 

The insanity of it all is that if women are asked if they prefer a broke man or a rich man, they are expected to say they prefer a broke man and that money doesn’t matter.  Sometimes they mean it cause they don’t know any better and most times they are lying.  A broke man vs a man who has worked hard to pull himself up from the bottom has two different mindsets.  Their conversation is completely different.  A well developed woman with a brain knows this. 

I even get that many men are weary of a woman being honest about what she wants.  As many women do marry men simply because he can provide. Too many men get caught up in this. So the rest think they will play it safe by getting a woman who likes him for him.  Usually he will not give a woman much, and dress like a bum, and expect her to fall madly in love with him. She’ll stick in there for the prize of marrying a man with money, but she’ll tire of him fast, take his money and run. She’ll upgrade on him. 

I recently had a man tell me that women who expect men to provide for them are wounded from their previous relationships.  That’s what he had formulated in his head.  So his offer to a woman is 50/50. He has no desire to provide for a woman’s needs outside of sex and asking if she’s okay. If he says “No. I need $5,000 to pay bills,” then he’s like “Well B*tch you’re on your own.” Then he’ll have sex with you. Three days later he’ll be at a strip club with his friends spending $3,000 on a woman he’s not having sex with. WHY? Because she is his fantasy.  Men simply spend money on what they like.  Some even provide for the needs of their dog, but not their woman. He’ll have sex with a woman and tell her to go fend for herself.  The way some of these men think is crazy. 

Meanwhile I’ve seen many a rich man who seems to be so in love with his wife and provide the world for her. Like he really wants her to have anything she likes. Then his business also seems to continue to be prosperous, cause he’s so happy. 

See we’re talking chess, not checkers. Average men play checkers and keep their woman unhappy, feeling like she needs another man on the side to do the sh*t you don’t do for her, like making her feel like a Queen.

ALL SINGLE people with plans of prosperity need to join my free community, so you can get back to the plan. The Dream Plan. Phuck settling for less. That’s for mortals. You’re not a mortal are you?