A Goddess Needs A Man with Plans to Prosper You

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A Goddess requires a man who wants more from you than just pleasure. Average men rush to have sex with a woman, and expect her body without giving her anything. It’s wise for a woman to stop laying down with men who wont offer a COMMITTMENT to you first, and more importantly, stop thinking sex will MAKE him commit.
When you’re a single mother struggling and your kids are suffering, you gotta take some accountability for who you chose to have a kid with. You chose to have a kid with a man who didn’t truly love you or care about his seeds.
A lot of these average men and even some above average men are walking around looking for something. He doesn’t know what he wants. So let me tell you. He’s looking for a woman that’s going to be so damn phenomenal that he says phuck all those other bishes, this is the one right here. Then he commits to her, wants to take care of her, be in the home of and provide for his wife and kids. He’s looking for the woman that evokes that desire in him.
Until a man wants to provide for all of your needs and make all of your dreams come true, he’s just settling for you.
So many woman, love to brag about being married in order to try to tease single women. I’m never impressed by those types. I look at their man an he never looks all that. He’s just so basic looking man. Most times he also doesn’t provide.  A woman will make a whole relationship business off of saying she’s married to TEAM BASIC.  That’s not for me. I definitely know how to get a basic man to marry me. I even know how to get a rich man to marry me.  I’m only here for my soulmate. That’s who I’m going to marry. My soulmate is rich.
Plus these days does a man really want to send his woman to work to work for another man? Couldn’t ya’ll work on a business together.   I’ve seen too many of my clients whose husbands support their business. Those husbands understand that they married a boss chick, and simply flows with her. And they win, cause as a man he provided space for his wife to be her full creative self.
Cause on the other end a lot of women are being taken care of and aren’t creating anything other than babies. I don’t look down on those women. It’s simply not my thing. I love creating profitable business ideas.

All I’m saying is that if you’re a Goddess you need a man with plans to prosper you.