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Men, the world would be a better place if ya’ll stopped telling beautiful women to humble themselves. If you want a humble chick, go get a basic chick. Stop trying to knock a woman’s fabulosity and step your mthfkn game up.

If a chick is badd as phuck, it’s so she can get MORE out of life. Not be less. Ya’ll use the word HUMBLE without even knowing the definition.

humility definition

HUMILITY is not going to make you rich. Nobody gives a phuck about humble people. Frankly I distance myself away from people who tell you to humble yourself. They wish ill will on you. Even if they want to see you do good, their VISION and EMOTIONS of wanting you to be less, cancel out the good they want to do. Therefore they become pointless in your life. They LOVE chicks whom they FEEL better than.

Rich people don’t tell people to humble themselves. If a woman’s amazingness makes you uncomfortable, leave her alone. I promise you the rich man with the Bentley, living in a mansion, with a perfect white smile, custom tailored suits, and the diamond encrusted Rolex watch, will appreciate her.

At one point in my life I was so damn humble, that I found myself in an abusive relationship.  That’s humility for that AZZ! You know what got me out of the relationship? Knowing I was too damn beautiful, too damn smart, too damn loving, and too damn awesome to be with a B*tch azz dude who didn’t appreciate me.  Same thing that made me leave every other clown.   I had to look at them negatively in an aggressive way. I had to look at them reflective to the way they looked at me.  THAT is how I got my freedom. 

Even in life coaching, when I am humble, people are silly enough to believe that the next coach would be better than me because they have been coaching longer or they run more ads or something. But no. I have one of the dopest brands in the game. I am not just a coach. I am a divine, spiritual healer. Heck, I healed my friend of Corona. That’s not anything to be humble about. But I am humble about that, because I know my power comes from God. I don’t take credit for that. I don’t take credit for my gift of healing, because I know I was gifted with it. I am humble IN GOD. 

Men who want beautiful women to be humble, are men who haven’t worked that hard on their own appearance 99% of the time.  Little do they realize they are so attracted to beautiful women, because he wants his appearance to be beautiful and symmetrical likes hers.  All he has to do is treat her right, and she’ll get him together too. Just like Marjorie did Steve Harvey when he was out here wearing clown suits. Now that man keeps a high profile job.  

Steve didn’t tell Marjorie to humble herself. Instead he LIFTED her up even higher. Same thing with Russel Wilson and Ciara. Then men resent the fact that we like Steve and Russell.  Like Dude, TREAT YOUR WOMAN LIKE A QUEEN and other women will like and admire you too.  Heck no we’re not impressed with the low self-esteem woman who is married to a rich man who dogs her out. So we’re definitely not impressed with the basic chick who gets treated like crumbs by a 50/50 man.  

Beautiful women are for men who APPRECIATE the full beauty of life. They like the FINER things in life.

P.S. TRUE HUMILITY are the LIGHT WORKERS who do the hard work of creating businesses that change lives. HUMILITY is putting yourself out there and following your purpose. It’s easy to hide in the background. It takes strength to be a leader of thousands or millions of people and lead them into the light.

P.P.S. A grand woman is humbled by LOVE from a GREAT MAN. Humble yourself and show up as HIM. She’s not humble to you, because you haven’t humbled your damn self. If a man wants a woman to be impressed by him, then he needs to do impressive things and just MAYBE she’ll feel lucky to have such an amazing man. 

There are men out here who won’t even open a woman’s car door for her, but walking around talking about how charming he is.  Ninja Please! 

It’s amazing that no one teaches men that the way a woman acts is deeply a reflection of HIM, and how he’s showing up in her life.   A man doesn’t need to tell a badd azz chick to humble herself.  She will humble herself when he humbles himself. 

Men want women to be nice to them so badly, while only showing half way up.  They will have sex with you raw, but won’t show you the rawness of their emotions. Won’t fully invest in a woman. Won’t commit. They depend on multiple women to feed their ego and tell every woman to humble herself. 

Men who don’t fully show up really think they are the best thing since sliced cornbread. WHY? Because he has money. That’s it, that’s all. It’s not cause he’s actually spoiling his woman and making her feel like a Queen. 

Women have to do 10 times the work and keep going within, just to blame themselves and continue to make excuses for why a man isn’t showing up properly. 

It’s so exciting to be with a man who is actually AWARE of his own behaviors and moves to fix them.  But see, men only do that when they find the right woman.  And you become the right woman most times by becoming more perfect and constantly looking within for what’s wrong with you. 

It’s amazing that women are able to have high self-esteem at all in this world. 

Personally I will never let a man snatch my phucking confidence. He’d better rise the phuck up and bow to the throne of the Queen Goddess that I AM.  I’d rather a man who is powerful enough to love me and deal with me at the same time.   An alpha man is gentle at heart is EVERYTHING. 

Men always want a woman to love them for them. But how many of them can love a strong, powerful, smart, beautiful, amazing woman, for who she is?

Then some of them actually get hot water cornbread disgusted that so many women are so religious and put God first.  Cause if she doesn’t put God first these damn men will break her azz in two. 

The light and world is a beautiful thing, but if those women came across the average man, those men would eat their light and love azzes for breakfast. 

Most men in the world have no idea that most women really just want to be a good wife to a good man, but men make it so difficult, because they have shiny object syndrome, and are constantly chasing after beautiful women. Life is like one big azz buffet to most of them. 

People in this world have their hearts so far away from love, that they can’t even begin to understand it. 

If a man wants a woman to humble herself, then he needs to step his d*ck stroke game up.  Most women will become humble after a man phucks the sh*t out of her and has her exploding in orgasm, followed up by being a PROVIDER.   Excuse my language but sometimes I just write it like it is. 

People seriously need to understand how they call their own problems. Everything isn’t a woman’s fault, and most women’s problems are caused by men.  Like damn, why does 7/10 men have to be a bad choice? Of course she got hurt somewhere on the journey. 

Men can be so insensitive sometimes. 

Learn how to hug a woman sometimes and tell her she is awesome. Tell her she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Tell her you appreciate her. Tell her she’s amazing. Stop trying to make her feel less than, like your father did to your mama. 

Like damn, is it okay if she’s happy? Is it okay with you if she’s excited and smiling? 

Try once in your phucking life, to actually FULLY love the glory of a woman. 

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Spiritual Goddess