Are you supposed to be with someone, just because you have a connection with them?

by | Love & Relationships

Sometimes you meet people and you have this smooth, easy-going connection with them. You vibrate on the same level, and you’re equally yoked in spirit. Does that mean you are supposed to be with them?

Lets say we’re talking soulmate connections, and the thing you came here for. 

That all depends on who your GOD is. Is your god money? Then you choose the one that lines up with that. Is it fame or fortune? Then you choose what aligns with that. Is it popularity? Is it spirituality?  Or is it nothing? It can’t be nothing, cause you gotta have a god, or some kind of god, cause we all need direction, correction and something we’re moving towards. And if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll be one lost, but think you’re found, confused azz mthfker.  We love clarity… You feel me?

So, if your GOD is the same as my GOD, then our God is not the author of confusion. Our GOD is LOVE.


Therefore you shall always choose with your heart. There is no need to figure it out, when you choose with that. You know the journey you were meant to go through. Nobody said it would be easy, or that it should be easy. But you can definitely make it easier on yourself by believing that you know what you’re doing and you’ll know when you know.  Until then, you’re going in the right direction. It’s gold.  You gotta score the gold. You already tried silver and that couldn’t do.  The last piece of the puzzle is to be solved, in this lifetime.  That’s why this is what it is you’re after. It’s what you came here to do.

You were sent to love and create.  That’s what your life is made of…the things you’ve loved, and the things you’re creating, by focusing on what you love.  Crazy somehow they confuse us and tell us we came for material things. Material isn’t anything but direction to hearing freedom call. But you gotta bring love with you in order to master this level. You already know, like I always say, there are levels to everything. Or like I used to say ” There’s levels to this sh*t!” I say the same thing, different tones. You should receive one of those.  So you already have everything else right? You got the house, you got the car, you got the money, you got the credit, you’re looking pretty good. You’re really feeling yourself.  You’re finally ready, ready, and not just pretending to be ready. But you’re ready ready. like right, right now. let’s do this ready!  Then it’s time to step it up a level and zoom in to the dream.  What was supposed to be available to you? What did it look like? There wasn’t really a description.

You’re doing the best you can with the knowledge you have. But slow down. Don’t move so fast. Let it play out. Feel in the position, then fill it in. 

Nah, I never forget. 😘😜