Follow your heart to manifest what you want

by | The Journey

As I do my make-up preparing to lead the first class of my new course “Goddess Unleashed – Heal & Manifest The Man of Your Dreams”, I had a moment of remembering just how far I’ve come in business and relationships. My life right now and the things I AM accomplishing seem like a Dream come true. 

Except this time, I know I manifested all of this. It was conscious manifesting this time. No more unconscious manifesting. 

I think about how far we get off of our path, cause we cave into fear, or let someone tell us that it will be too hard or nearly impossible. 

But that’s my life and my path. I manifest the impossible, and you do too. 

It’s so easy to get confused these days, cause you want to go this way and that way. And the way you simply should go is wherever your heart tells you to go.  Maybe you feel like it didn’t always lead you right, but I assure you it’s taking you somewhere, you want to go…

Have a good time. 

Excuse me for posting this struggle love anthem. But it’s banging.  I’m teaching on this in class today.