Most of society’s dating advice is based upon how a woman can get a man. Very little is out there teaching men how to get a quality woman or even what a quality woman is.

A great many man sets out to be a great mate, and finds himself with a woman who not only doesn’t value him but also doesn’t actually love him. 

I believe this happens due to some men not actually knowing what love is, or even knowing what it feels like; besides the love they receive from their mother.

One time I was out with a male friend along with my then boyfriend. Later that friend said to me “Kissy, I’ve seen you in love before, and I’ve never had a woman love me like that before.” 

There was two different dynamics going on there. One is the man that I was with at the time had no understanding or value of the depth and level of love that he received from me.  That love completely changed his life for the better.  When we broke up, I left him better off than he was when he met me. He was a new man, with new beliefs and a new level confidence. He wasn’t a provider… 

Meanwhile my friend who is a provider, had a woman who was absolutely unappreciative, ungrateful, unloving, and un so many things.

Now it’s our own fault that we attract and partake in these relationships. That’s not what this blog is about.   This blog is about how it feels to be deeply and greatly loved by a woman.

How It Feels To Be Loved By A Goddess

Most women tend to give a man unconditional love.  He can mess up 1,000 times and she may go off, but she’ll keep continuously loving him all the way through… She’s lead by the HOPE that all will be well with him someday.

But for a man of high caliber who wants to take over the world, a woman must deeply love you and want to see you win. In order to win, a man has to transform. He can’t practice the same basic behavior of a phuck boy. There’s an empire on the line. He has purpose to pursue. 

Some women will see a man with a nice car drive past, and want to leave her man for that man.

Another woman may instead say “I want my man to have that car.”

Some men may be offended that their woman wants nice things and tells her she wants too much. Which means  she now has a decision to make.

She can:

  • leave him for a man with bigger plans
  • work hard to get those things herself along with a man who wants the same lifestyle.
  • Stay and settle for mediocrity, that completely goes against her soul, in the name of love. (Most women do this)
  • Or he could go get those things with her help and later resent her for pushing him, and helping him, and leave her.

Another man may take it as inspiration and go out and get it. He will then feel like they’ve grown together.

BUT if she actually financially helped him in any way or pushed him too much to exceed, chances are he will then leave her for a woman who didn’t see him when he was down.

In this situation, you’re not the man above. You are the man who has big plans in life.  You’re the man that does way more for his woman and with his woman than the average man does. Your woman is your queen. So you’re looking for a life partner and someone who understands you and is in alignment with your dreams and goals. 

You need a Goddess.  Why do I need a Goddess Kissy?

Such a woman comes with a set of high standards. 

The difference between a regular woman’s love and a Goddess woman’s love is completely different. 

A Goddess is filled with an abundance of love.  She delights a man’s five 3D senses and his 5D spiritual senses too.  Her love is healing and transformational. She loves deeply and chooses a man not solely on his ability to provide, or his looks, but she chooses a man whom she will deeply love. Not just for a few stipulations, but who he is overall. She chooses a man who wins and checks off in multiple categories. 

Now with this deep love she has for him, she now wants to see him win. Because of this deep desire she now starts receiving downloads from the universe to help align him with his goals.  She can see him for far more than who he currently is. She can see him far into his future. 

Her mind and heart is on him. Because she can see where he’s going she will speak to him and address him as the King that he is. She will speak life and love into him. She will push him to great new heights. She will become his steam. He will slowly start to see himself as divine. For her words have no choice but to come to pass.

King & Queen

Her love for him combined with her abilities to delight his senses will have  a man feeling like he’s on top of the world. 

She doesn’t need to do anything more than simply be his muse. That’s all he needs to win in life.  His accomplishments will suddenly start to speed up. He’ll feel more happy and abundant. His confidence will skyrocket. He will stop allowing people to treat him as anything less than a God King. He sees himself in a whole new way.  He gets a clearer vision of himself. Things will simply start to work out for him.

Most times when men meet such a Goddess they have no clue what’s going on. I think the average successful man has met a Goddess at some point in his life. He either didn’t recognize her, was intimidated by her, didn’t feel deserving of her, wasn’t willing to do the work to earn her love, didn’t know how to treat her, didn’t feel like he was worthy of her, feared she would have too much power over him and break his heart, or simply preferred ratchets cause they require a lot less to appease, may look up to his average tendencies and come with drama and blunts.  He also won’t have to buy her expensive red bottom high heels.

Love is easy, but finding deep love connections may not be so simple, depending on what your soul desires. The love you get from a Goddess that matches up with your other desires may take you a good 8 years to come by.  Therefore when you meet such a woman it’s best to recognize what’s in front of you. Her love simply can’t be replaced.  

I believe society should make more men comfortable connecting with their emotions. There is pressure on a man to provide, but often times a man will walk around with his actual needs being unmet. Mostly cause he either went for average, or he ran up on a Goddess with b.s. behavior, thinking she was going to accept it, because the former women did and got dismissed. 

Relationships are all about needs being met. The higher you plan to go in life, the bigger you need your mate to think.  High performers need mates who are big thinkers and visionaries. 

A woman can’t envision anything big for her man, if she’s too busy eyeing the next man, wishing she had him instead of her man who isn’t providing for her basic needs.

Some women will even start fantasizing about other men due to their man  not fulfilling their sexual fantasies..  Again, that’s not a Goddess. A Goddess wants a man that no other man compares to. The last thing she wants to do is give another man a reason to look at her King sideways or share her body with some peasant who hasn’t worked hard to get her. She’s always about protecting the throne. 

Relationships are such a balancing act….


I advise men to truly sit down and write out what it is you truly, and really want and desire from a woman. (If a woman paying half the bills is on your list, just know that you are not a King. Your woman will be fantasizing about Chris Brown instead of you.)  What is it that you need a woman to emotionally and physically provide for you? When you wake up in the morning what kind of woman do you want to wake up to? How does she look?  What about her is going to make you deeply love her past her looks?  Now this is catchy, because society tells you looks fade, but looking good these days is simply about exercising and keeping yourself together for the most part.  Many a man has tried to ignore the desires of his flesh, just to marry a basic looking woman and lust after more attractive women. 

You can’t really lie to yourself or your soul. Your soul knows what it wants.  It’s more like a NEED. That’s why you want it. No point of trying to deny it. Yet at the same time a man has to learn how to tone down on his fleshly desires and not allow his lust to make all of his decisions for him.  He must learn to control his sex drive and transmutate it.   Doing so turns him from a boy to a man; on top of granting him great manifesting powers.


You can cut through the chaos by simply choosing to be with the man you truly want to be with. Stop pretending. Stop using men as ladders to success, that you use to up level yourself to get the next best man at the next level. (But at the same time ladies, no matter what society says, most men are not emotionally healthy, or appreciative of a good woman. So it’s actually SMART to get with men who provide and to continue leveling up till you get to the next one. I don’t blame women for doing this, because I’ve seen life financially work out better for such women. They don’t face hardship or suffering because they only deal with men who uplevel them. But at the same time, a lot of good men are hurt in the process of women doing this… and most women who do this also fail to ever reach their full potential… Too much concentration on a man’s assets…)

Get a man who wants to live his best life, is honest about what he wants,  is actively in pursuit of it, and appreciates and understands the value of having a good woman.  These men tend to be older men.

You as a woman must stop pouring so much love into the wrong men; wanting more for them, than they want for themselves… The women above who are using men as ladders ultimately end up doing better than you in life, because they do not mess with men who don’t provide. Chances are, you may get screwed if you deal with a man who doesn’t provide, because a man who doesn’t provide doesn’t love himself. He makes it too easy for another man to beat him out. 

Love is a tricky game due to most not understanding the value of it. 

There’s also another dynamic to this and believing that you can only have money but not love, or love but not money in a relationship.

The truth is you can have whatever you want. The person you seek is also seeking you. 

But people hop in relationships with other people, till then… Fillers…good  enough, will do for now..  Having that person thinking and planning with them, while the other’s mind is already on what and who is next. Then people become bitter, afraid of love, putting up walls, having defense systems that push away their potential soulmate. 

Go the other way. The way love goes. It’s what God put you here to experience.