Last night a pastor called me.  He said “Kissy, I have something that the Lord told me to tell you.  He told me to pull over my car right now and call Kissy and tell her what I told you to tell her.” 

So he said he pulled over to the side of the road and called me.  I go, “Okay. What’s the good news Bishop?”

He proceeds to tell me that I know where I’m going and that I know how people are.  He reminded me of the mantle that I carry and the greatness of my mission. 

It was a behavioral warning.  I immediately played back the one or two people who recently told me about my behavior online. 

This time, I didn’t fight it. I didn’t pout. I simply decided. I decided to stop. 


Me stopping my behavior will now allow in the path.  Now I’m about to watch the entire world fall in love again. 

People are peculiar to me. How they flock to fame and popularity. How they don’t realize that a magic soul is a magic soul, long before the fame. How the knowledge is the knowledge, because it came from eternal wisdom. 

I find it interesting that all spiritual people say it’s not their job to wake people up, and that no one should focus on waking people up. Yet, that’s exactly what God told me to do.  Then again my awakening came with a 2 channeled messages that took over my body, and blinking lights. Obviously my calling is different. So different that more than anything I realize it’s not about me at all.  And now that I’m no longer going to focus on the people who only catch on once you are super popular, my ego can go half on a seat.

When it comes to your tribe, you really do gotta move way past your comfort zone and stop focusing on the people you THINK need you and focus on the people who can SEE you.

The people who can SEE you are the people who need you. Those who are in alignment with the same vision and on the mission, will be able to see you.  ( As I typed that line, a message popped up in my inbox from a woman saying “Hey Kissy. I need your help.”)

So I want to give you this advice, if you’re a spiritual coach reading this. It was meant for you to read this.  Show up online and in the world. BE YOU!  Be the truest form of you.  Those who need you will find you. They will approach you.