So many people on Facebook copy me and try to be like me. It’s weird watching it all.  And when people copy me the content seems to magically appear in my feed for me to see.  It happens quite often.  It’s like when I had this boyfriend who was always being sneaky and lying to me, source would just place his lies right in front of  me when I least expected it. I’d be busy having such a good day, minding my business then BOOM! 
But back to the copycat syndrome.  I know it’s being placed in front of me so that I’ll learn something.  No matter what I do, and where I go, I rise to the top of it and become an authority fast.  I influence people everywhere I go.  But all of these life coaches who’ve been in the game years, and use all these magical woo woo words copying me, and me seeing other women who aren’t even life coaches copying me too, makes me wonder…  
Am I vibrating too low? Am I being told to climb higher? I feel like a whale in a small pond of guppy fish. Everyone wants to be like the whale.  It’s cool if you want to buy in and get the deets on actually being like me, which is to be your authentic self. It’s another to watch people on the fringes copy everything, without giving me credit.  I’m not even mad at them. It’s like Beyonce being Beyonce and having a personal Facebook page where she talked to strangers, interacted with them and taught them on a daily basis.  
ACCESS.  I’m learning the results of giving access to people. 
I’m so used to people copying me down to the “T” that I often try not to copy others that I’m inspired by.  I don’t want anyone feeling like I’m trying to BE them. 
Kissy denise red
You CAN NOT give the same results as me. You can charge $300 bucks for a program using what you believe I’m selling and a person won’t get the same results from your course that they’ll get from paying me thousands and working with me for an hour.
That’s what the problem with you coaches are. You want to do everything you see someone else doing. You want to teach social media with barely any followers. Like I have 500,000 followers on ONE PAGE. My instagram fan page has 80K followers and I don’t even use it at the moment. I’m not new to running sh*t and being at the top.
I’ve also made multiple 6 figures from multiple businesses online. I’ve also created 7 Figure businesses. I”m an authority and an Influencer because I don’t copy what I see others do. My clients often times get more interaction on their posts than I do. They don’t copy me. They are aligned AF with their soul. My posts are different. I cater to a small percentage of people. It’s just energetic soul alignment. My people don’t give two phucks about me having a sales page. They don’t even care if I haven’t fully completed my website yet. Truthfully most of my soul clients are rich af, and they too get attention easily on social media.  They are already magnetic af!  The reasons they like me and pay me is more or so because they phucking feel like it.  Like no lie, my clients are brilliant AF! 
Guess what else? When I was blogging and going viral, all of the bloggers copied me too from the top to the bottom. You know why all of the black blogs focus on crime now? Cause they got it from Kissy. They saw Kissy winning at it..  Kissy who went opposite of what they were doing. Kissy didn’t feel like she needed to interview celebrities to make her blog pop. KISSY knows that it is her that moves the people.

Guess what else? When I lived in the projects all the other girls copied the way I dressed. When new people find me who ain’t even in my field those chicks start copying my words, my nails, my style and everything else. One client, back when I charged $997 an hour for my services, after the call her social media went from zilch to popping.  Two weeks later she was offering Soul Alignment sessions to get your social media popping for $997. 
Do you see a pattern here? I’m sure you do. I’m a TRUE influencer rather you got $5 in your pocket or $5 Million. That’s how powerful I AM. I am everything I talk about. So if I sell it you’d better believe I’m delivering RESULTS. I talk about the things I know about. 

This has all taught me why I can’t give people access to me for a measly $997 an hour. That might sound crazy to some, but some of us are on a different level and have a different life path. The Universe constantly slaps me into alignment and I’m listening cause I’m tired of getting slapped. 

Even more I see now that consulting with someone for only an hour does them good, but not good enough. More time is required to really get the full transition to take. 
It’s so important that you BE mthfkn you.  It’s weird to me that people don’t realize that they can’t command the same pay that I do, to do the things that I do. They haven’t established that kind of authority. Even if I tell people I’ll align their soul, that’s not a gimmick. I’m truly connected to source.
Coaches have went through 9,000 coaches and courses, you got a funnel, a sales page, a webinar, an email list and everything else they told you to have, yet you still copy Kissy, who isn’t using any of that stuff right now and still makes loads of money. 🥳 THINK! And ya’ll do this just from my FREE content. That’s how potent I am. My authority is on another level. You could sit me in a room with Billionaires and still I’ll be the star of the show. Sorry Sis you simply can’t be me. I’m the Masterpiece.  I set souls free.
That’s the thing. You can’t set people free, cause you haven’t set yourself free yet. I’m free. My clients get off the phone with me high and lit AF. They start reporting all kinds of money coming in. They start attracting the things and the people they want. Huge shifts happen in their life.
And you know what? It’s because I’m operating in my purpose and connected to source. It’s God moving through me. I’m simply a vessel.
You know why I don’t have 99 courses for sale yet, even though I know people will run to buy them? Nope you don’t. Because my mind is divine. This ain’t about the money.  I enjoy actually changing lives.  I like playing with my clients heads until they have full belief in their capabilities to accomplish their 7 figure dreams. 
Next ya’ll going to try to teach CONFIDENCE, knowing damn well I’m the Queen of that too.
This whole part of simply BEING goes over coach’s heads.
And another thing, when I do drop a course you copy cat chicks need to be the first to buy in. But nope you won’t. WHY? Because you want to be me. But I’ll tell you another secret. I come from a royal bloodline that evolves from the beginning of time. I’m a chosen one. Things work for me cause it’s ordained. I can’t even take much credit for it.
From watching my clients, I can tell you that things would work for you too if you were my client. 😂 

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