I’ve been reading bible verses again, ALOT.
I get high off the bible the same way crackheads get high off drugs.
I get high off reading the bible the same way a nympho gets high off sex. The bible is some of the coolest literature ever to me.
So today I was studying Mathew 5:48 – “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
And I got to thinking how I’m tired of doing work on myself. Each day there is something new about myself that I need to fix in order to either attract a man, build a business, understand people more or something else. There is all of this healing, healing, healing. I’m tired of working on what’s allegedly “broken” about me and needs to be fixed, instead of my usual of constantly improving just because, even though I know I’ll never be perfect, but working towards it is still fun anyway. 
Suddenly my mind said “I’m done healing. I am healed. I am perfectly fine being my lil half feisty, half angelic self. Everyone wants to identify people as one thing. But I can’t do that. If you tell someone I’m a geek they’ll only get half of the impression of me. If you tell someone that I’m a barbie they’ll only get half of the impression of me. But if you tell someone that I’m a barbie with a genius brain, then they’ll get a better picture of me. Then if you tell them plus, she’s curvy and sexy. Then you tell them I’m super spiritual and gifted, they’ll get confused again, cause they can’t pull up a picture in their mind. But then if you tell them that I am a Goddess, the picture will become clear again. I’m dynamic. I’m the Masterpiece. God created me perfect in his image. Obviously God didn’t want me to be monotone.
kintsugi bowl
Have you ever heard of Kintsugi pottery (an example of which you can see above). Kintsugi pottery is a Japanese practice which mends broken pots with gold or silver so that that resulting pot is more beautiful than the one that broke.
This image is powerful if you combine it with what I’m about to tell you.
As Christians we are not called to be perfect. We are called to be who we are with all our cracks and imperfections, knowing that God’s glory will shine through those cracks into the world around us and that the gold of God’s love will mend our brokenness into something far more beautiful than it was before.
That’s what I got from Mathew 5:48.
I mean I know learning is a lifelong process and I’m with that. But before I had my spiritual awakening I was super confident. Then after I became confused cause I started to trying to be someone different, nicer, sweeter, softer, and more enlightened.  I didn’t know how to be something outside of myself. But I understood pushing past your comfort zone. So, for a while I lost my identity. Then I had to run the tape back and find myself again. I kept some of the old and brought in some of the new. The new was spiritual. 
Which has me thinking that for those of us who’ve been doing the work all of our lives, without anyone telling us to, without even knowing we may actually one day waltz into the realms that we are now in, we willingly did the work to improve ourselves, for the sake of being better people. 
So if you REALLY look at yourself and analyze yourself, is there really that much wrong with you? Probably not.  All we are doing is learning how to communicate and market ourselves to others.  When we understand the mind of others and how to cater to them, then what do we really need to change about ourselves?

I mean after all we’re empaths.  All we do is relate to people on their level. We can rise, we can go low. It’s whatever whenever.  Tell me when was the last time you walked into a room and couldn’t hold a conversation if you felt like it, on top of having the whole room at your attention?

What if all we’re doing is learning how to  have the deepest, most loving relationships with other humans?
Matthew 5:48
Something just went through me. So I know I channeled this. So I know I’m right. 

Sometimes to me I say the craziest things, that in the back of my mind I wonder if it sounds confusing AF to people, but I know it doesn’t. My tribe is genius just like me. You understand exactly what I’m saying.  
Which means I should probably thank you for allowing me to heal you. You should probably say thank you to God, because I’ve learned how this works and I know this message is right on time for you. It’s the answer to your prayer, that you thought. 
I’m going to stop now because I feel a sermon coming on.