Remember Rihanna was dancing under her Umbrella and she was so sweet. Then Chris hit her and she said phuck playing victim and she came out as a badd azz, fierce chick and authentically embodied herself, and now she knows about these dudes out here who be trying to fix their inner issues with a badd b*tch? Thats the Rihanna that I love. 💖🤩🔥

I also enjoy Umbrella Rihanna, but I love the badd b*tch Rihanna who speaks it how she speaks it. 

Where is your badd b*tch uniform at? There is no point of you trying to be basic or play basic for these basic dudes. Those men will never appreciate you Sis. A badd chick is a refined taste. It takes men who are about their money, and living their best life on a grand scale to understand the benefit of dealing with a badd chick.


The rest of these dudes just want to live a basic azz life, and have a woman who is nice to them, so they can walk in the room and be ignored, while you and your man are taking over effortlessly.

The man for you gotta really be about that life and understand chess and not checkers.

I told someone the other day that I’m not worried about people who are in front of me, cause I’m going to pass them all up. You can’t compete with a badd azz chick with business game, who walks in her purpose with the crown of God on her head.

I speak very frankly about myself. You too should have this same confidence. And you would if you were in alignment with your purpose and becoming your authentic self who admits the truths about what you want from life.

Lying to yourself gets you no where. Lying to others about your desires only attracts people who can’t see you. Trying to scale yourself down to fit a basic template is a waste of divine time. You can’t be something you’re not. You are what you are. Stop trying to be less to appeal to the 99%. If you’re 1% then that’s what it is Sis.