A Goddess can make any man fall in love with her

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There was a time in my life where I would’ve wondered what was the secret to making men fall head over heels in love with me. I no longer wonder that because I’ve figured it out. 

If a man truly likes me, I am well equipped to capture his heart. I will put a whirl around him so fast, he won’t know what hit him. And I’ll be giggling the whole time. 

But you know what though? I know my value.  I am going to give a man his dream girl on a platter, cause that’s fun to me. Love is a fun, beautiful thing to me. I cherish it. I want it to last. 

Yet, I have yet to meet a man who behaved in a manner that made me want to keep him. Sure you can stand for a man, ignore all of his b.s. behavior, be light and love, believe that it’s a reflection of you, heal yourself and blah, blah, blah. Yup, it’s some painful azz healing, but at some point you realize that you just don’t need anymore healing from this dude. Cause love isn’t supposed to be that painful on and on, no letting up, with only glimmers of hope.  

Yes it would change him if you stood.  But a man who is not for you and not in alignment with you will continue to irk you, for a while. So you gotta ask yourself after a while, does he really deserve you and all of your goodness?  After all he doesn’t even know how hard you’re working to stand in love for him, to heal him, to understand him, to be empathetic to him.  He just thinks he’s the man and he can have you easily if he wanted to.  And you wish he had it like that, you really do. But he mismanaged his power over you.  

So now it’s time to go. The next time he does something it’s the last… You give up. Let him go out into the world with his antics, till he looks up one day too late and realizes he could’ve had a Goddess. But as smart as he thinks he is and as smart as he may be, he wasn’t healed enough to recognize you, because he never truly saw the God in himself. He only saw his ego. His ego that you raised by being the kind, loving Goddess that you are. For him it’s all about him, not you. Meanwhile you were hoping you’d finally found a teammate. You are even willing to play by his rules… I mean why not, you’ve tried everything else. 

No matter how in love he thinks he is it’s obvious he’s unaware of your value. Because if he knew your value he would treat you the way you desire.  For a Goddess, everything he does isn’t necessarily  a reflection of you, other than the fact that you once again tried to settle for less, because you want this love thing so much, and you know that no human is perfect. 

But a man doesn’t have to be perfect in order to love you the way God loves you.  In God’s eyes you are perfect, whole and complete. You’re healing to become her again.  Through the art of living, you got a little lost.

You tried to see him as complete. You did everything right. But deep down inside, the whole time you had your doubts, because honestly he wasn’t doing enough. And you blamed yourself and your fears, which healed you even more. But you missed the whole part about sometimes things simply being. It is what it is. 

The clock is ticking and sometimes it feels like that divine man who loves you, adores you, can match your brain power neck and neck, and is maybe even a little smarter than you, treats you like a Queen, is Lord of Abundance, understands the benefits of having a Goddess and supplies you with that good cosmic sex, will never actually show up. 

What’s taking him so phucking long? Where he at though?

So you tried to settle for this last guy cause he was 97 out of 100, and that seems like it would be good enough. I mean you’re not trying to be super picky.  You don’t want to be ridiculous.

But let’s talk about that other 3% though. 

I have yet to meet a man who behaved in a manner that made me want to keep him forever. Yet I could’ve kept him forever, if I wanted to… Men complain about women, but how many men know how to be insatiably desired by a woman? I want to want my man like he wants me and if the scales aren’t ablaze like Yes, Calgon, Yes, Take Me Away! Then it’s actually not good enough. I need that. I need my fairytale of two hearts coming together and creating magic.  People do it all the time and I’m going to be one of those people.

Chances are the guy whose habits you try to ignore, he thinks boring “Alpha” techniques work, when the truth is you’re just playing along seeing how long he’s going to be dumb.  You’ve seen this play out so many times. You even know the end story.  You’ll even be light and love and see the fairtytale ending in your mind. Until you get bored with the antics, cause you realize dis ninja ain’t going…  He ain’t going to act right and get his life changed. He doesn’t even talk right to you. He doesn’t honor you. But he swears he’s giving you more than any other woman. He wants to be patted the back for calling you every other day. He wants applause for simple things, that really aren’t all that impressive. Face it. A lot of his habits are team basic and total lack of true love. You see the signs. Signs you’re tired of seeing. You’re trying way harder than he is, even though you don’t have to.   He doesn’t know you could take his heart and break it in two, but you value love, and you feel empathy for his tired behavior.  You tried to carry him to the place we call love. You tried to seductively guide him there. But a part of his mind is still stuck.  You realize you’ve done this before. You know it won’t work for you. Your soul won’t let you settle. You give up and finally escape your pattern. That 3% negative he showed you was too opposite of the dream. You know your dream man wouldn’t act like that. 

Most men don’t even know when they’ve ran up on a Goddess. So they play checkers instead of switching boards… A Goddess has already mastered checkers and deemed it child’s play. She already knows your moves before you make them, and no matter what you do on that board, she’s going to beat you out. It was never a competition… She didn’t even want you to lose. She wanted you to win by switching boards and gave you all of the tools in order to win big. She wanted you to knock it out the ball park. But you decided to play that one game instead… The lame game.

And she got bored, cause in Goddess world we play #ChessNotCheckers.

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