When Being finally clicks. What took you so long?

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Telling someone that “It’s not about what you’re doing, it’s about who you’re being,” is really good advice. But it’s also unhelpful as phuck. Because the only people that understand it are the people who finally decided to BE and realized how things just now show up, and they wonder what took them so freaking long to finally get it. 

just be

Free advice is really good, but if you don’t have the inside knowledge as to what that person deeply means, you may find yourself even more further confused. 

I used to feel frustrated as if I didn’t know anything, as if I needed to learn more new words in order to speak light and love.  Then I simply stopped caring, cause I realize something. People need to hear things in plain English.  Then I also realize that when you write things in plain English sometimes people think they have all the keys and that they can do it all on their own, so that may kind of throw them off too. 

Then sometimes I’m on Facebook and I’m kind of bored from watching this person copy me and that person copy me, while never clicking like.  Which is why now I understand why coaches drop hints in code.  If you don’t you feel like you’re simply showing up, not getting paid, while providing free content like most influencers.  You can be, be, be all you want to, but without the right strategy you will not get paid. 

So when you read something from someone, understand you’re only getting one part. The rest goes to their paying clients. Who show up because they finally decided to BE, on top of taking aligned ACTION. 

Ha! Tickling right.