There’s a reason why that man you loved couldn’t see you

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“How secret art though who dwellest in the highest heavens in silence, O though only great God, sprinkling with an unwearied Providence certain penal blindness upon such as have unbridled desires!” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I pay close attention to how men treat me. For the past year I’ve pretty much attracted men who can SEE me. When I say see, I mean they see deep into me. They see where I’m going. They seem to know me before meeting me. They are familiar with my soul. These men are quite spiritual in nature… The kind of men I did not attract before I awakened and got into alignment.

But there was this one guy who couldn’t see me, but said he could see me for my current, but really can’t see me cause he has no understanding of the power of a beautiful woman who commands 500,000 followers off her writing, who was bold enough to leave that and start all over, on top of being a Goddess.

What makes many people able to see the value in a person, but another one can’t?

I always suspected that maybe God hides me from certain men who don’t have my best intentions at heart. Or as a sign that he’s not the one.

If a man only focuses on seeing me through the eyes of his penis, God won’t allow him to truly see me. He’ll get stuck on the surface and still really can’t see that either. He will have a blindspot. It may seem that this would be frustrating, and yeah honestly it is, but at the same time it’s not. It depends on how you look at it.

If you trust that God will only allow your husband or wife to see you, then you’d be comfortable and patient; and not hand yourself to just anyone who comes along. You’d be tickled at the poor fella or silly girl who can’t see you.  (I crack jokes on men who can’t see me.)

No way you would be like Oprah with your body saying: “You get a car,” “You get a car”, and “You get a car.” It would be more like “Nope. You don’t deserve this car. Ride denied!”

And this has to be true, cause lets think about it. When have you really been in a relationship with someone who could SEE SEE you?

Who actually referred to you as King or Queen and addressed you as such? Who treated you royal as if there were no one above you? Who knew that you were and always will be the star of the show? When have you ever been in a relationship with such a person? One who lays back and sees the magic in you…

Have you ever even been in a relationship with someone who believed in you? (Probably not)

As a woman, has a man ever actually covered you? Probably not. Yet you’ve been in relationships, and marriages with people who didn’t know your worth.

You didn’t wait. Because you didn’t know any better.

Gods & Goddesses are the people in this world who actually believe in true love.  There’s a small amount of us, and I believe we have to be patient and commit to find each other. Finding our other half who we are set to complete our missions with.

So, what if God reserved you for the best. BUT you keep delaying their arrival, due to lack of trust? 🤔

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I’ve learned my lesson.

I’ll wait.



And maybe I’ll decide that i’ll finally put away all of my fear, and decide that I’m truly ready to receive them; and not settle for anything less than that.  Cause we all know the other half is somewhere out there.

It’s just at this point, wanting real love, with heart emojis and stuff ❤️, seems to be asking for A LOT, lot, lot. I mean ALOT. Like who does that these days? Cause we got caught up in the thinking of society…. Trying to be normal… which caused overthinking of something that’s really simple and always was simple. —–> Normal strikes a freaking gin!

So you see it’s not even A decision. It’s more like 3.

trinity of simple decisions. The same way we manifested everything else.  

If so, this will be another one of those painful lessons, where we look back and realize it was us, standing in our own way AGAIN. 

I’m off to take a nap. Dis tew much.

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