A brilliant man’s mistake is the woman he chooses to date

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Many a great man’s biggest mistake is the woman he chooses to date. Instead of being his sacred place of peace. She intentionally set out to treat you less than King. Because she wasn’t a Queen. A queen isn’t a queen just because you or she says she is. A Queen is a queen because she has standards.  She values a man who also has high standards. She values a King with an empire. 
While we often complain about women meeting bad men, many a brilliant man has found himself in a relationship with a woman who failed him in every way.   He picked from his heart, and gave her everything, hoping to save a woman.

It is said that the best place for a man to find a woman is on the ground in front of him. It’s in his nature to pick a woman up and save her.  In return she blooms.  But if you plan on wifing her, you may want to ask her about her dreams and goals and see how much work she’s put into that, thus far.   A woman with winning in spirit will always display great signs of that. It’s mostly about her inner. 

I’ve seen great men cook, clean, help a woman start her business, open car doors, take her on exotic trips, give her money, surprise her and do everything a woman could want, to no avail.  The woman wasn’t feeling him. She wanted the man who treated her like less. 

If a man really wants to see how a woman feels about you, after she gets to know you, ask her where she sees you at in 5-years. This is assuming you actually allow her to get to know you, and not do the whole “You don’t even know me wounded trauma escapade,” because you’ve been hiding parts of yourself from her. No one can accept you, if you don’t accept yourself, or if you feel the need to hide the real you. So many traumatized men cut off their own love supply by doing that. Keep healing. 
Society has programmed good men to believe that he can’t have it all. At other times he’s programmed on track to believe that have multiple women is the way to go and he stays unfocused. In this blog, I’m only speaking on the one woman men who don’t cheat and pour their hearts into the wrong woman.

The right woman for you wants her man to have it all. The right woman for you will see a man pull up with a Bentley, and instead of wanting that man, she will instead want you to have that Bentley, because you are her man.  If her soul is luxury, that is what she requires. If that’s what you want, you must get in alignment with your soul. But a woman with a good heart absolutely will not choose a man simply based upon material objects alone. She wants that PLUS more.  Yet so many men think every woman who likes nice things is a gold digger. So off he goes to the woman who wants less, wondering why it doesn’t work out. 
Some women are okay with a man sagging, dating multiple women, and being unfocused.  A Queen would not be okay with such behavior. It’s one thing to be a billionaire and you can afford 19 women. It’s another to still be in the process of building your empire. Plus a man with 19 women doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  
Men who grow up in impoverished environments often carry with them traits and habits from that environment.  He continues to grow in that box. Where do you plan on going with a woman who is okay with you walking around with your underwear showing? Do you realize THAT is HER vision of a King? You plan on being a rapper?
Kissy Standing
You want a woman who loves you for you. However, a woman who does not love money and living a life of luxury CAN NOT and WILL NOT grow and prosper a King the way God meant a woman to. Her vision is too limited.  Money likes people who love it and enjoy it.  Of course a woman worth her weight in gold wants to be rich and is actively in pursuit of, or already has the bag. She’s building her empire, or has a man who provides a great lifestyle. She has a Queen mindset.  

Many men fear such a woman, and pick the basic woman instead, because he believes she is the ‘SAFE’ bet. That goes again your soul. That’s why it didn’t work.  Life is going to keep pushing you until you get up and go get what you deserve.  Everything is about what’s in the heart. 
A true Queen has knowledge and game on how to move and shake in this world when it comes to business and personal branding. She also looks her best. She understands she is a reflection of her man. 
A powerful man prospers when he has a woman he can play chess with. It’s not wise to get stuck playing checkers. A brilliant man requires a woman who envelops her feminine, yet challenges his mind. 
When you’re working hard, you’re a gentleman, love to keep your woman happy, you’re brilliant, you’ve worked on yourself, you’re providing, and you’re closing in on 7-8 Figures, of course YOU DESERVE THE BEST.

As many men ascend on the journey of success, you often forget to look in the mirror, see your new self and see how far you’ve come. You outgrew basic a long time ago.  You’re not a prince anymore. She however is who she is. That’s why she was unwilling to grow with you on the journey.
It’s nice to just go for love. We all want love.  However, every woman isn’t equipped to give you the best. It has to be both in her and on her. She has to be coded to suit you. It has to be in her spirit to nurture you and water you the same way you do for her.   A lot of good men, do, do, do, do, do, without even getting the words back that he needs to hear in return. Therefore you don’t have balance, joy, nor peace, to grow your empire faster.
This is why a man must be honest with himself and go after the woman he wants.  If you follow me, you want a beautiful, brilliant, boss chick with a beautiful spirit to match. You want a woman who has a heart in love that also spills over into business.  You want a woman you can trust with your emotions. You want a lot in a woman, and sometimes it gets frustrating. You feel she’s never going to show up. (Are you fully showing up as a true King?)
If you plan to win big you gotta go for the gusto and get a high value woman. Whatever man is with the gorgeous, badd azz woman with the business brain is always going to win. And the woman who has God plus all of those other qualities is going to run circles around 97% of other women. A spiritual woman with all of the above, is a royal phonoemen. But what kind of offer did you present to her?  She wants a Kingdom with a Kingdom man. However many men come with the same offer they presented to the basic chick. It’s time to step your game up. 
Here is the truth:
If you’re a lion, you need a lioness.
If you’re a God, you need a Goddess.
If you’re a King, you need a Queen.
If you’re a dog, you need a hood chick, or a trailer park chick who doesn’t mind you not growing, and will still tell you that you’re the greatest. Every bad man wants a woman who accepts him for him, just like good men do. A basic chick is only a step up from the bottom. She’s soaked in mediocrity. She’s not cut out for a divine alpha male. It’s not in her heart.  A woman has to be deeply tapped into her feminine and live from the heart. Such a woman wouldn’t have even wasted her time with you, if she didn’t fully plan to invest in you. But see a basic chick doesn’t mind wasting her time or your time. She’s not focused on the future, cause there is no grand future vision. For her it’s simply about partying and living in the moment. For you every moment counts towards something, but you enjoy it. 
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A man who came to win thrives with a woman with vision, who will speak life into you and inspire you through her presence. She’s going to be that woman, not matter what man she’s with. It’s just all about which man has enough sense to appreciate her.  Often times the woman a man is looking for, is stuck vibing low with a man she is trying to turn into a King. She’s pouring love into a man who doesn’t even take her serious.  When she gets with you, the King, she feels safe, her heart opens. She glows. You deserve a woman that glows. 
Maybe it’s time to come up out of repressed society and go after the woman you truly want. Maybe it’s time ago admit, you actually DO want a soulmate and a beautiful woman who laughs with you, nurtures you, inspires you, and helps you see it through.

All a basic chick is going to get you, is a basic life. It’s not about judging people. It’s about accepting you are who you are, and you want what you want. A basic chick isn’t going to keep your d*ck happy. There is no sense of pretending she will. Half the time a basic chick loses interest in having sex with the man she picked and hops in the next man’s bed.  Because she never picked you. You picked her.  A true Queen actually picks a man, and allows him to prove himself. If you don’t prove yourself, you won’t be granted a relationship with her. Instead she will push you away, because you’re coming up short.  She doesn’t want to play or waste time. She wants a man who can handle her. She wants a man she feels most safe with.  

Anything less, is less than God called you both to have. Love and Immense success together, is obviously a team effort.  Two people must both decide to put their all into each other.  Yet so many people reserve 50% of themselves for the next person, or the next thing that shows up.  They never go all in. Your woman should think that you are the best of the best.  If she doesn’t want to see you at the very top, she’s not all in. Simple as that. 

You don’t have to settle for less, or waste anymore time lying to yourself. Listening to societies basic desires will  mislead you. It will have you living in a big house with everything you ever wanted, except for love.  A King isn’t called to settle for less. There is no need for you to feel bad about the desires of your heart. Don’t you see all of these other men HAPPY and prospering on top? Or do you only see within your square box?
You need a woman who is constantly evaluating herself for improvement and wants to be the best. She will be able to keep up with you. A basic chick doesn’t have the capacity to appreciate you and all you do. Each party must do the work of being the called soul. 
Too many men are caught up in desiring a woman who wants you at your worst. Mostly cause your mind doesn’t truly believe in yourself. If it did you would expect a woman to want you at your best, but if the fear of failure kicks in you want her to stick by your side. But the truth is with two abundant mindsets, failure need not to be an option. Instead there are simply valleys, planning, financial investments and things in place to keep the empire running smoothly at all times.  An empire of course has multiple sources of income.  It’s also ran not by you working hard to pay for your house, but by making investments that pay for.  Time together as a couple is what is going to grow you. Prosperity and abundance is what allows you to focus on other things like family and love. But how are you going to get to the point, if you deny yourself of true love in the first place?

When a woman has a winning heart, she wants to win in both business and love. You can’t win in love, if it’s not important to you. Love can’t be solely focused on finances. It need not be. For true loves creates abundance, wealth, and prosperity.  So many people see this all wrong. That’s why it’s important to have a woman with VISION. Her heart is going to lead her there. Her heart and vision frees your soul up to CREATE. A man providing and making her feels safe allow her to freely CREATE. When times get a little rough, such a woman can not inspire you to a breakthrough. VISION is not a plus, but a requirement. When she seeks real love, she’s simply going to play her part. Another woman who doesn’t care, also don’t mind if it all falls apart. Her mind is focused on the next man who will rescue her. 
In the end it’s a must that you have a woman that knows how to cater to the KING in you. 💋👑  
It’s not about the money. It’s about THE DREAM. Work with a woman ON YOUR LEVEL, instead of trying to turn a 3D woman, into something she’s not. ❤️🦄
An eagle is born, not created.