Women who marry men who don’t spoil them are living a lie

by | Love & Relationships

A woman who is married to a man who doesn’t spoil her, isn’t really happy.  She’s just pretending. She gets a little sad when she logs online and sees some woman being serenaded with roses and candles leading to new Louis bags, Lou shoes, new luxury cars with bows, surprise vacations, helicopter proposals, and new houses with double doors.

But she doesn’t say anything, cause you convinced her that a woman being treated like a Queen isn’t real, and that the woman being treated like a Queen isn’t truly loved, and that her man cheats on her.

You sold her your dream, and now she’s living it. But no, she’s not happy, that you told her she’s not good enough to be worthy of being served divine masculine energy.

Your wife may take care of you and all 4 of your kids. But the truth is she wants to be a Princess like Meghan Markle. But you decided not to be a Prince, and she’s trying to be okay with that, because she knows how important love is. You don’t make the money, but she’s smart enough to bring in millions. You’re sitting at home playing Daddy, and cooking, because that’s the only position she could see you in. That’s the only potential you showed her. So she retired you. But Sis is truly tired of doing it on her own. You are also tired of feeling like less, cause you took a temporary situation and made it permanently less than the life of your dreams. Put your big man boots back on. Redirect your family.

A wise man would do more with a woman who has both his back, front and even the sides of him. A Goddess would’ve inspired you to start a business that runs without you, so that you can still cover everything, feel like a King; and have plenty of time to spend with her.

Every Queen knows that she can’t live off love alone.