Every gentlemen is skilled in the art of mastering a woman’s mind

by | Love & Relationships

Gentlemen,  you must understand a rule of thumb. Conversation rules the nation. It rules in sales, in rules in service and and rules with women too.

So many men come to me saying they want to date an attractive, beautiful, heart-centered boss chick.  His heart is in the right place. His mind is also in the right place.  But he has no idea how to get what he wants when it comes to women.

A man needs to know his target. It’s just like anything else.  A certain set of sequences will lead to your desired result.

A man has to understand that attractive, brilliant boss chicks, do not like casual conversation. She cares about 5 things. Her family, the financial well being of her business, her purpose, love and food. If she’s also into spirituality, she literally has to feel a divine connection to you. 

Messaging her asking a a bunch of questions about nothing or not being able to sustain a conversation that has some degree of intellect, will have her quickly bored with you. Divine conversations start off better than that. 

Even in the event she answers your inbox, chances are you only get one shot. No airballs allowed, but that’s exactly what most men do. Constantly shooting airballs.   She has enough inboxes from airball men.  Those kind of men make women feel hopeless.  Can you imagine getting 50 inboxes in one week, and 49 of them came from a lame? That’s most women’s inboxes. Men filter themselves. She already knows not to reply.  

If you don’t get what you want, from a woman it is often due to your own lack of intellect.  Low vibing men even feel it necessary pull a flagrant foul, after they get politely dismissed. He has no understanding that he’s really mad at himself. 

A gentleman caters to a woman’s mind and her heart. He caters to her senses and delights her. To get past her brain, you must conquer your own. It’s not carnal.

For every man I see harshly complaining about women, I see an immature man who has not learned how to be a gentleman. I see a man who hasn’t learned the art of stroking a woman’s mind. I see a man who settled for less in the past. I see a man who still isn’t choosing the best reading materials.  So many men feel they are super smart when they get into self-help books. But if you haven’t learned that you should be the ultimate man who pleases your woman, then you haven’t learned nothing. 

Amazing women are indeed a challenge. They don’t necessarily need a man for the things other women need men for. But they require that plus more. They need Kings who can handle their power. They need a good man who has taken full ownership of his own divinity. She needs a man with plans.

The next step is to move into her heart chakra. Everything has to be choreographed. Love is a dance. You’ll only see the flower, after you slowly pull back the layers.

Buy my book or message me to work with me 1 on 1 to BECOME THE MAN. It’s the only way you’ll remove the thoughts installed by basic chicks. Those thoughts are repelling the amazing women you want. 

Men have so much more power than you realize. But you won’t know this, when you were programmed for less than you deserve. You only receive back, what you put out into the world. You receive from a woman, what you put into her.

Don’t expect a woman to stoop down and be less for you. Doing that is why you’re in the position you are in now. Cause if you put in more effort, you would have access to high value women that inspire you to climb higher.

P.S. If you focused on getting your money up, and being the man God called you to be, you’d have a 7 Figure empire and more access to high value women. 🤷‍♀️ Everything you want is in the direction of up. ⏏️ Everything you want, comes from working on yourself.  Women do a lot of work on themselves. Catch up.