I really like brilliant, charming men who treat me like a Queen, show me respect, understand my intellect, give me money, buy the things, support my business, value me and appreciate me. Those kind of men nurture me. I don’t care what anybody says. They are the better men. A woman shouldn’t settle for any less than that.
Amazing men make your life better. They make it easy to simply be you. They make it easy to wake up every day and nourish him, so that he grows and prospers. He makes it easy by being so good to you.
Such men have figured it out. He has learned the art of going after what he wants and maintaining peace, love and happiness. That kind of man will always win in life, as long as he has a good woman. Brilliant, charming men need nothing more than a muse. He’ll always be rich, when he’s with a Goddess.